Well, at least he was decisive…

16 hours to do decide on if he should have the SEALS go get Bin Laden.

Really, 16 Hours? What was there to think about?  Target Number One, and he had to think about it for 16 hours?  Yeah, I’m glad he made the right choices, but 16 hours tells me he had a lot of conflicting opinions on the operations.      And yet he is milking the credit for it as much as possible.   The jackhole.


8 thoughts on “Well, at least he was decisive…”

  1. Oh, He took 16 hours and what did we get,
    another day older and deeper in debt,
    St. Krugman don’t you call me ’cause I wont go
    ‘Cause when he’s talking he’s just lying some mo

  2. Especially since he committed himself without a moment’s hesitation to exactly that course of action in exactly that circumstance back during the 2008 debates.

  3. Maybe he was hoping OBL would leave,then he could say
    “Gosh,guys,we missed him again.”
    Call me a cynic,but I don’t put anything past this guy.

  4. It would have taken me all of about three minutes.
    Just long enough to hear the intel briefing confirm that he was, without a doubt, in the building.

    What I find odd, is how the initial reports on Sunday night claimed ‘CIA operatives’ carried out the raid, and by morning it was ‘Navy Seals.’ Interesting to say the least.

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