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Daily archives for September 16th, 2012

100,000 More Beretta M9’s for t...

100,000 More Beretta M9’s for the Army

Beretta has announced that the US Army is set for the M9 for another 5 years and has ordered another hundred thousand M9 handguns. So there you go… No new Army handgun for some time to come.  Sorry guys. Of course, the M9 isn’t all that bad, when running off of good Beretta made magazines. […]

Monday’s Motorcycle: Moto Guzz...

Monday’s Motorcycle:  Moto Guzzi V7 Racer

This is a motorcycle that I hate to love and love to hate.  I love Moto Guzzi’s, always have.  I love Cafe Racers since the first time I saw one.  So when I first saw this V7 Racer, a factory made Guzzi Cafe – I felt my heart flutter.  It is beautiful.  Under the looks […]

Sliding metal acts like fluid

Sliding metal acts like fluid

The Firearm Blog shows something interesting.  Sliding Metal behaves like a Fluid. They evidently didn’t use SLIPSTREAM.