I replaced my Rock River AR with another rifle.  Another AR-15 type gun.  Having just upgraded it. Again.  Oh well.  The new rifle is lighter, which is good, and what I was looking for.  So all is good, yes? 
Well, the new rifle has a couple flaws.  It has all the recoil that 5.56mm can muster… which is no great lot, but its much more than The Rock had.  It’s pencil thin barrel gets really hot fast.  These are things that quite different than what I’ve been spoiled with.  And the Rock had a much nicer trigger.  Which is to say, it had the best AR trigger I’ve ever felt.  This trigger, is not that trigger.
Now, I’ve got to make two choices with it.
A.  What color scheme does it get?  Camo? Solids? Desert? Urban?
I have to decide.
B.  And this is the more important one… what optic?
I put on my trustworthy old EOtech.  And you know what?  I like them.  I do.  Just one issue.  Their insatiable thirst for batteries.  Other than that… groovy.
Well, the other issue isn’t one of optics, but natural man… me. My eyes.  I need some magnification. 
So I threw on a Trijicon 3-9 Accupoint. That will do for now.  Getting some better accuracy testing.  But its not what I want to run. 
I’m thinking I should have kept that lucid HD7.

Gunguy Cool

It’s called Contractor Chic, or Gunguy Cool, or whatever you want to call it… Gun Guys (if you are reading this blog, you might be one) have taking a distinct liking to dressing like they just got back from an Iraq Contractor Job.  Tactical pants, vests, and gear are often worn by the fans of this look.

Sometimes, it’s not a good idea.  Sometimes it calls unwanted attention to you.

It used to be Fanny Packs or Photog Vests.  Now it’s Maxpedition, Opsgear and Infidel hats.  Guys, we’ve created our Uniform and we stand out.

This is not a good thing.  For the guy in that story, sure he screwed up.  But he’s not a Bad Guy and was planning no evil.  He was guilty of not getting permission to exercise his constitutional rights.  Oh well… We do live in a Sheep State.  If you don’t act like a Sheep, your wrong.  So should be look like Sheep Dogs?  I am thinking maybe not so much in the weeks to come.

How to Invest in Guns

Many questions arise on the subject of investing in firearms.  Look guys, I’m not going to tell you what guns you should and shouldn’t buy.  I’m not a Stock Broker or Financial Adviser.  And I can’t tell you what a good buy is because Gun Values hinge very heavily on the Gun’s Condition.  Condition is everything Make, Model, Year, and Condition.  Condition is like Mileage on a Car since there is no Odometer or such in a gun.  In a gun, every little mark, scuff, blemish, scratch and ding subtracts from a gun’s Value.

Let’s talk about this more…

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