I replaced my Rock River AR with another rifle.  Another AR-15 type gun.  Having just upgraded it. Again.  Oh well.  The new rifle is lighter, which is good, and what I was looking for.  So all is good, yes? 
Well, the new rifle has a couple flaws.  It has all the recoil that 5.56mm can muster… which is no great lot, but its much more than The Rock had.  It’s pencil thin barrel gets really hot fast.  These are things that quite different than what I’ve been spoiled with.  And the Rock had a much nicer trigger.  Which is to say, it had the best AR trigger I’ve ever felt.  This trigger, is not that trigger.
Now, I’ve got to make two choices with it.
A.  What color scheme does it get?  Camo? Solids? Desert? Urban?
I have to decide.
B.  And this is the more important one… what optic?
I put on my trustworthy old EOtech.  And you know what?  I like them.  I do.  Just one issue.  Their insatiable thirst for batteries.  Other than that… groovy.
Well, the other issue isn’t one of optics, but natural man… me. My eyes.  I need some magnification. 
So I threw on a Trijicon 3-9 Accupoint. That will do for now.  Getting some better accuracy testing.  But its not what I want to run. 
I’m thinking I should have kept that lucid HD7.

12 thoughts on “Optics”

  1. EOTech has a trainer discount program which covers sights and magnifiers as well as lights. And there are some pretty good prices. Email me or PM me on WTA for details.

    1. Thanks, Curtis. But I’ve got the EOtech that I like already. It’s solid and has never failed me.
      It’s just Battery Thirsty but that’s the nature of the Holo.

  2. Try before you buy if you go down the magnifier front. If you have any astigmatism you will see multiple dots with the combo of a magnifier and a red dot like an Eotech or Aimpoint. Great idea, but I ended up with an expensive white elephant as a result of the astigmatism issue. I am back to either a standalone dot or a magnified optic. Still hard to beat the ACOG I bought years ago. It hurt to pay for it, but fragile it is not.

    The trigger? Geissele.

    1. The Geissele triggers are amazing. I’m going to do that eventually.
      And you are right about the use of Magnifiers. There is only 1 on the market that I like, it’s by Lucid as well. And it’s a variable. Normally I dont like Magnifiers, but if I was going to do one, it would be the Lucid. Without question.
      But I don’t like them because now all the sudden you have a huge optical system up on the gun that is now bulkier and heavier than anything else. It’s just not right.

      1. too true on the weight and bulk, which is why an Aimpoint Micro seems to be permanently afixed to my primary AR 😉

  3. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again…I can’t say enough about the Hi-Lux CMR optics. I have the green illumination and while it’s not the best color for daylight, it’s awesome for lowlight as it doesn’t wash out the image. I currently don’t have mine mounted on anything so if you want to try it out just let me know and I’ll ship it out to you. IMO by far the best 1-4x optic for the money.

  4. If you’re not using lithium batteries in your EOTech, you’re wasting money. I used to go through a set of alkaline batteries in every 3 months or so. I bought a 4pk of Energizer Lithiums. Put 2 in the EOTech, and 2 in the grip. That was over a year ago, and it still runs great.

  5. What about adding an iron sight or micro red dot to the side of the Trijicon?
    When Joe gets me my AAR-15, I plan to use the Trij 3-9 with an XS to the side. My old, astigmatic eyes need all the help they can get. I also like the Trij 1-4 which gives the snap shots at 1x but a little mag to reach out & touch something. I’d love to get a Leupold or Swarofski with 1 to a gazilllion mag but my treasure room isn’t that full.

  6. Forget the Lucid. And dont waste your money on an ACOG. Take a hard look at the Burris AR-132, or the AR-332…or the AR-536.

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