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It’s called Contractor Chic, or Gunguy Cool, or whatever you want to call it… Gun Guys (if you are reading this blog, you might be one) have taking a distinct liking to dressing like they just got back from an Iraq Contractor Job.  Tactical pants, vests, and gear are often worn by the fans of this look.

Sometimes, it’s not a good idea.  Sometimes it calls unwanted attention to you.

It used to be Fanny Packs or Photog Vests.  Now it’s Maxpedition, Opsgear and Infidel hats.  Guys, we’ve created our Uniform and we stand out.

This is not a good thing.  For the guy in that story, sure he screwed up.  But he’s not a Bad Guy and was planning no evil.  He was guilty of not getting permission to exercise his constitutional rights.  Oh well… We do live in a Sheep State.  If you don’t act like a Sheep, your wrong.  So should be look like Sheep Dogs?  I am thinking maybe not so much in the weeks to come.

15 thoughts on “Gunguy Cool”

  1. I always dress like a sheep. And I do it for that very reason. And I like to think that I do a very good job at it. Most of the rest of the flock seems to wear jeans and t-shirts.

    It kinda annoys me when children pinch my lips to get a closer look at my fangs though. 😉

  2. Good read. I don’t know if it’s related, but the local discount theater here where I live now has a sign posted indicating that all bags coming into the theater will be searched. I observed several of these “searches” on my last trip there, and they wouldn’t have found a football in a bucket, but I was still a little miffed, so much so that Mrs. Carter had to roll her eyes and tell me to shut it.

    The theater also has posted a “No Weapons” sign, and has had that for some time. The bag search sign is new. They still haven’t ever searched me, so they’ve never found anything.

    I wonder what they’d do if they DID find a weapon in a bag. Probably crap themselves.

  3. Good blog post and good advice. Tacticool guys making it harder for rest of us by bringing unwanted attention. Better to be dressed in sheep’s clothing, like the wolves…

    Same reason why cc is better than OC for tactical reasons. Unless there comes a time that our constitutional rights are under threat, and we need to all exercise them or risk having them relinquished.

    Wait a second…

  4. That’s why when I’m carrying I go out of my way to dress like someone you wouldn’t expect to be carrying. Cargo shorts, some sort of off-beat graphic tee, preferably with a comic book reference on it, and sandals or converse. I’ve made more than one guy just because I noticed the uniform first, then the bulge in the shirt that the guy just can’t seem to leave alone. The guy in this article was a knucklehead and I hope he serves as an example of what NOT to do.

  5. Does anyone know current Ohio law? Under the old system you did not need a CCW except in some cities. I left for FL in 04 and I am not current. Geoff Who notes you might have to prove a need under the old law. Do I smell a test case?

    1. You need a chl to carry concealed in Ohio. But to open carry you do not need a permit.

  6. Definition of proper sheep attire: anything that makes you look a hipster and thereby nonthreatening (males). impractical clothing or footwear that curtails freedom of movement in an emergency situation (females).

  7. Tacticool is just tactically stupid. If something had happened in that theater would that guy have been able to help? Heck no. The first bullet would have had his name on it. Any bad guy with a few brains is going to identify the greatest threats to his mission and eliminate them first. They’ve already got surprise on their side, proper concealment helps you win it back.

      1. Who says the bad guy comes in after it’s dark? Pretty easy for them to be in sheeps wool too and sit through some annoying ads so that they can case the crowd. Then it’s just a matter of knowing which head to line up on.

        Bottom line: they’re using concealment to their advantage; you’d be stupid not to as well. Concealment that only works after dark is pretty poor stuff.

  8. I find that certain styles of packs and shoulder bags seem to draw little to no attention. The versipacks are not among them.

  9. Because I think they are way to “tactical” looking, I have avoided Maxpedition and it’s copies.

    Tactical means relating to tactics. If my goal is to blend into a crowd then a black bag covered with MOLLE gear is not the way.

    My range bag is an old waterproof Eddie Bauer laptop bag.

    I did pick up a Gun Totin’ Mamma urban bag because it’s nice looking and very un-tactical.

    Really tactical people don’t look tactical. That’s what makes them so tactical.

  10. I feel kinda bad right now. I always wear a pair of cargo shorts, not because its tactical but because I have worn khaki cargos since high-school and I’m not metrosexual enough to put together a good set of matching clothes. When I’m traveling for hours on end in the car I love wearing my LA police gear tactical pants because they are so comfortable. I guess I’m that guy….

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