Went for a ride on the KTM… this time I went and hit dirt.  About five miles on sand, dirt, gravel, and rocks.

I have to be honest, this was absolutely horrifying.  It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.  No, seriously… out of everything I’ve ever done – this was the scariest.  I got to a point where I overlook Highway 40, and I had to stop to take a breather.  I was drenched in sweat and my heart was racing!  Oh man.   At one point, it felt like my hair was on fire and my balls were on fire… and I glanced down… I was only doing 28 MPH.  Oh Man!

But I survived, didn’t face plant.  Kept the bike up.  Coming back I was able to open it up some more… went faster.  Caught a bit of air.  It was scary and thrilling.

Ethanol Sucks

Where can I get Ethanol Free Fuel?  Because everywhere I go to gas up has signs that say “May Contain up to 10% Ethanol”.  I just want good old fashioned Gasoline.  Where can I get that anymore?

Here’s the deal… Ethanol sucks.  It’s bad for your engines.  My motorcycles and my previous motorcycles all said don’t use Ethanol as it will ruin your engines, your fuel lines, and will rape kittens.  Another reason I don’t like it, it doesn’t feel as powerful as good old Gas does.  I don’t get the same pick up and go.  And I don’t get the same MPG.  Not a huge difference, but the difference is there and it’s irritating.  To me, it’s just irritating and I don’t like it.  Why does it feel this way?  Because Ethanol has 1/3 less energy than petroleum… so to develop the same amount of power, you have to burn 1/3 more of it.  Does this sound like an efficient fuel?  No.  It isn’t.  It also grabs and holds water, furthering problems inside the engine.  Not to mention the fact that it takes 10 gallons of fuel to produce 1 gallon of Ethanol.  And we mix 10% into our fuel?  This is a stupid waste.  Especially when our Government subsidizes 3 Billion a Year of Ethanol, because it’s expensive to make.     Don’t believe me?  READ THIS. Just Google Ethanol and spend a week reading about all the bullshit having to do with Ethanol just so Politicians can get Corn Farmer Votes.  Those are some expensive damn votes.

Here’s another reason to not like Ethanol.  It’s made of Corn.  Government Subsidized Corn.  That alone is a whole other issue I’m not touching right now…. but we’re using corn for fuel.  Corn feeds us.  It feeds our Cattle, which in turn feeds us.  We EAT corn.  We live on Corn.  But we are taking crops of Corn and converting it to Ethanol.  This has a side effect.  Let me break it down for you as simple as possible so those in Eugene Oregon will understand.  Beef prices are at an all time high.  Food is getting more expensive… Because we’re freaking turning it into Ethanol.   Cattle Feed is Corn, Corn is used for Fuel, and now Cattle Feed is more expensive, now beef is more expensive.  See how that works?  Now, you can’t say just eat chicken… Because Chicken Feed is also Corn!

Now our incredibly fucking brilliant President says that we need to raise beef prices to protect Ethanol… something we shouldn’t be using anyways!  Motherfucker!  This man is batshit insane!  We need to get away from Ethanol.  We need the Politicians to stay away from our Food and Fuel.  Fuel prices are high because of them.  Their mandated regulations and differential formulas have driven prices through the roof.  Blame oil companies?  They make 10 cents on a gallon.  Go look up how much the government makes.  That’s one reason.  The other reason is that their regulations have forced the oil companies to produce not just 3 formulations of gasoline (Regular, Midgrade, and Premium) but hundred of different formulations for different regions of the country.  Sure, there are Winter and Summer blends, but how about we let the Oil Companies and Auto Industry decide what’s best to run in our engines instead of the Village Idiots we send to Washington?


Harry Reid

Horrible Harry has been bashing on Romney for not opening up his Tax Records to the Public.  Harry has hinted at possible Felony crimes – oh which Romney of course has never committed.   Most everything Romney has done is pretty much Public Record anyways.

But Not Harry Reid’s record.  Harry has never opened up his Tax Records to public scruitiny.  Which is a shame, because I am sure they would be far more interesting.  The National Review’s article on this matter is one everyone should read.  Especially everyone in Nevada.  “How Did Harry Reid Get Rich?”  One makes it most interesting to me is Harry’s Ties with someone that the FBI pretty much keeps an eye on because he’s about as shady as it gets.  It would surprise no one if Harry’s Business Buddy went to prison for a very long time.  Except he’s not ever going to go to Prison because he knows too much out Senator Harry Reid.  There is a mountain of Corruption that Harry has been standing on… and he has the audacity to point the finger at Mitt Romney.   Say what you will about Mitt Romney… he’s a dickhead, sure.  He’s a through and through Capitalist, sure.  That’s fine.  Mitt made his money the old fashioned way.  Harry Reid however has made it by means that seem to be highly questionable.

Here’s what sticks in my craw the most… Harry Reid remains Mormon, and from what I understand, remains a Mormon in good standing.  Rumor has it that he can even go to the Temple, which means he’s upholding all the LDS Standards according to our Faith.  But I don’t believe he is.  Here’s the other thing… freaking every time someone mentions Mitt Romney – they have to throw out there somewhere that he’s Mormon.  “Mitt Romney, the Mormon…”  Do they point out Religion when it comes to Reid?  No.  Why?  Because Reid doesn’t let his Faith get in the way.  In the way of what?  Here’s the deal… If I know the girl up the street got knocked up from say… a Rape… and I help her get an abortion… I’d be kicked out of the church.  That’s LDS Policy.  Doesn’t matter the reasons or situation around the abortion, if I am a party to it, I’m done.  Harry Reid has voted in support of Abortions for MILLIONS, and remains in good standing.  WTF?  No, seriously… WTF is up with that.  He’s voted YES on bills that pay for Abortions, he’s thrown his support, his political weight, behind something that would get me kicked out of the church.  He doesn’t live up to his faith… in fact, he’s working against it.

I don’t live up to my faith either – but I don’t work against it.  I’m proud to be Mormon, even if I’m not a good one.  I know my faults… I hate to actually go to church because I don’t feel worthy of it.  But I believe the gospel and I read the scriptures daily, and I pray.  (SHOCKER!)

Another part of the LDS Faith is Honest Business Dealings.  HarryReid’s Business Dealings have been something of interest to the FBI… Huh.  There’s a disconnect there.

I just ask one thing… If I can have one thing given to me by a Djin from a magic lamp… I would ask that I be allowed to kick Harry Reid… just once… In the balls while wearing my Icon 1000 Elsinore boots.  Just one swift kick to the junk.  That’s all I want.  Can I get a “Get out of Jail Free Card” for that?  A Legal Pass?  Kind of a Justice Department’s version of Catholic “Indulgences”?   “This Card is good for one Junk Punt on Harry Reid.”  I want that card.

Here’s the other thing I want.  I want to see Harry Reid’s Tax Records, from now and going all the way back till before he got into Politics.  I want to see how Harry Reid did it.  Going from a Poor Boy to a Rich Asshole while on the Public’s Dime.