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Horrible Harry has been bashing on Romney for not opening up his Tax Records to the Public.  Harry has hinted at possible Felony crimes – oh which Romney of course has never committed.   Most everything Romney has done is pretty much Public Record anyways.

But Not Harry Reid’s record.  Harry has never opened up his Tax Records to public scruitiny.  Which is a shame, because I am sure they would be far more interesting.  The National Review’s article on this matter is one everyone should read.  Especially everyone in Nevada.  “How Did Harry Reid Get Rich?”  One makes it most interesting to me is Harry’s Ties with someone that the FBI pretty much keeps an eye on because he’s about as shady as it gets.  It would surprise no one if Harry’s Business Buddy went to prison for a very long time.  Except he’s not ever going to go to Prison because he knows too much out Senator Harry Reid.  There is a mountain of Corruption that Harry has been standing on… and he has the audacity to point the finger at Mitt Romney.   Say what you will about Mitt Romney… he’s a dickhead, sure.  He’s a through and through Capitalist, sure.  That’s fine.  Mitt made his money the old fashioned way.  Harry Reid however has made it by means that seem to be highly questionable.

Here’s what sticks in my craw the most… Harry Reid remains Mormon, and from what I understand, remains a Mormon in good standing.  Rumor has it that he can even go to the Temple, which means he’s upholding all the LDS Standards according to our Faith.  But I don’t believe he is.  Here’s the other thing… freaking every time someone mentions Mitt Romney – they have to throw out there somewhere that he’s Mormon.  “Mitt Romney, the Mormon…”  Do they point out Religion when it comes to Reid?  No.  Why?  Because Reid doesn’t let his Faith get in the way.  In the way of what?  Here’s the deal… If I know the girl up the street got knocked up from say… a Rape… and I help her get an abortion… I’d be kicked out of the church.  That’s LDS Policy.  Doesn’t matter the reasons or situation around the abortion, if I am a party to it, I’m done.  Harry Reid has voted in support of Abortions for MILLIONS, and remains in good standing.  WTF?  No, seriously… WTF is up with that.  He’s voted YES on bills that pay for Abortions, he’s thrown his support, his political weight, behind something that would get me kicked out of the church.  He doesn’t live up to his faith… in fact, he’s working against it.

I don’t live up to my faith either – but I don’t work against it.  I’m proud to be Mormon, even if I’m not a good one.  I know my faults… I hate to actually go to church because I don’t feel worthy of it.  But I believe the gospel and I read the scriptures daily, and I pray.  (SHOCKER!)

Another part of the LDS Faith is Honest Business Dealings.  HarryReid’s Business Dealings have been something of interest to the FBI… Huh.  There’s a disconnect there.

I just ask one thing… If I can have one thing given to me by a Djin from a magic lamp… I would ask that I be allowed to kick Harry Reid… just once… In the balls while wearing my Icon 1000 Elsinore boots.  Just one swift kick to the junk.  That’s all I want.  Can I get a “Get out of Jail Free Card” for that?  A Legal Pass?  Kind of a Justice Department’s version of Catholic “Indulgences”?   “This Card is good for one Junk Punt on Harry Reid.”  I want that card.

Here’s the other thing I want.  I want to see Harry Reid’s Tax Records, from now and going all the way back till before he got into Politics.  I want to see how Harry Reid did it.  Going from a Poor Boy to a Rich Asshole while on the Public’s Dime.

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  1. Mark 2:16-17

    Go to Church. Hospitals are for the sick, the Church is for imperfect beings.

    That said, I’m with you on Harry Reid. Actively opposing Church doctrine is a whole other story.

    I call second in the kick him in the junk line.

    1. Dude, you know what I mean. Also – The guy that lives across the field from me… I can see his house if I stand up – Ex Communicated because of this – Even when they said it had been Rape. So – yeah… A little inconsistent in Practice, Eh?
      The Democrats – Harry Reid being one of the Party Leaders – Have trotted out that Parental Consent is not Required for a School Girl to get an Abortion – but they also removed the requirement of Parental Notification.
      This is the Democrat Party In Action – Harry Reid is a Party Leader. Yet Reid remains a Member In Good Standing – WTF.

  2. I’m with you Ogre. Reid’s a disgrace to the Church and humanity in general.

    Every time I think about that scum, I have to remember this verse:
    “To me belongeth vengeance and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.” — Deuteronomy 32:35

    And “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” — Galatians 6:7

    Then I try to go to the range. Or hit the gym, hard.

  3. Trouble of it is Harry Reid doesn’t have balls.

    That would be so cool to see on Clipoholics, Harry Reid’s eyes bugging out, toes lifted off the ground, grabbing his fruit, bending double, with a sharp exhaling ooomph, the Ogres foot still in follow through.

  4. This seems to be an example of the old saying “when you are pointing the finger remember there are three more pointing back at you.”

  5. I don’t know jack about Mormonism, who is in charge so to speak or how the organization as a whole is run, but I suspect it has a lot in common with every other church I’ve ever known about in that: 1) hypocrisy is rampant, and 2) money and power buy a whole lot of forgiveness or at least indulgence/blInd eyes towards immoral behavior. Until the lay membership throws down the gauntlet in a serious way to the leadership, nothing will change.

    1. I’m not much on the ins and outs of LDS theology, but Dirty Harry is one of my most despised Federal Nobles.

  6. Heh, you are on the right path, you just haven’t walked down that path far enough.

    The issue is this, Reid, and Hatch to a lesser extent for that matter, are what I have come to call “Gadianton Kingmen” They are part of the conspiracy trying to take down this country which is working behind the scenes to overthrow the constitution and openly take control and establish a king or equivalent along with a aristocracy.

    What? You say that there is no such thing as a Conspiracy here in this country? Sorry, for those of you who are practicing, non apostate Mormons, I have irrefutable proof that this is true. What is it? Glad you asked. Read this article given by the Prophet Ezra Taft Benson in the Oct 1988 conference called “I testify”


    It would be best to read the whole article, but my proof is the 7th paragraph from the bottom. For those not of my faith who read this, please realize that I know that this was a Prophet of God testifying in the name of Jesus Christ of the truth of this. Do not forget that all throughout the Book of Mormon, there are numerous accounts of conspiracies in the Nephites and Jaredites. What makes you think that Satan is going to give up one of his most powerful tools for bringing men down into misery.

    Harry Reid is an Oathbreaker. His behavior supports this statement. He says that he supports the churches values when he says that he is a member in good standing and then speaks and enacts the exact opposite in legislation.

    What are you going to believe, what he says or what he does? By their fruit, ye shall know them.

    Reading over this, I realize that I got a little preachy. No apologies for that! Truth is still truth.

    1. What I’d really like an explanation for is why Harry Reid has not been kicked out of the Church.
      I’m not going to leave, I want him to leave.

      1. Could be that your church knows that if they kick him out, it’ll be open season on their organization.

  7. As long as he says that he is complying or says that he is during his temple recommend interview, even if it is bald faced lie, with the tenets of the doctrines of the church, there is not much the church authorities can do.

    I do not know enough about how church discipline works, but most of it originates with the individual coming in for repentance and trying to make it right as much as he possibly can.

    I do not see Harry doing that, given that he is a serial oath breaker, what is one lie more or less, one more broken promise more or less to someone like that.

    Kicking him out would not raise the stakes that much, and if he were to be excommunicated, then we would see his true nature come through.

    If he were to accept it and keep it private, then I would be WRONG in ALL of my statements made here in this thread as he would have shown true repentance.

    If he were to do as I think he would, which would be to call a press conference and denounce the church, then everything I have said would most likely be true.

    Do not forget that the Gadianton robbers began an infiltration of the Hierarchy of the church during their time that didn’t succeed; doing so required them to be oath breakers to start the gain of their power. It has not happened here with the church now nor will it.

    Will it be open season on the church? It already is, always has been since Joseph Smith went to a grove to pray and find out what church to join and received the first vision. There are just seasons of less persecution rather than more.

    This year is for all of the marbles and the powers that be are pissed because of the stances that the church has taken, I.E. the people’s republic of Kalifornia and Proposition 8 and others. Not to mention whether or not there will be a reelection of THEE most corrupt, narcissistic amoral individual that has ever been elected. If that happens, we are done!

    And I wonder what will happen this election. I was talking to a friend and we got to arguing about what would happen this election. He thinks that the liberal/progressive/moonbats will just back off for a while and try again at a later time and he would be right, they would, that is their modus operandi.

    I do not. His reasoning has a fatal flaw and it is this. 1 that he (obama) is not a liberal, he is a radical. 2 he has surrounded himself with radicals and revolutionaries. 3 these are all people who worship at the alter of Saul Alinsky who stated gospel is “The ends justify the means” and whose motto is “By any and all means necessary”. These all have a different mindset than the liberal/progressive/moonbats do.

    I can easily see them creating a strawman crisis after the elections (and the election are going to be a real dogfight, especially with Holder as the AG doing NOTHING to combat election fraud or intimidation and in fact seems to be encouraging them, not to mention suing everyone who tries to combat those things) and doing a declaration of Martial Law and suspending the elections and making an attempted grab for power. They are not ready to do that, but they have power now, they do not want to give it up and indeed see giving it up as a betrayal of their beliefs. I just do not see Obama gracefully accepting defeat. He has not shown any class before now, I do not expect it after he loses.

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