Molly Moly

Molly is nice.  We like Molly.

This is a Molly we can get behind.

This is a Moly really don’t like.

molybdenum disulfide

Moly in Firearms has been a popular topic of debate in the Gunverse.  It has good lubrication properties, but it also has some problems.  The main problem that I’ve seen is that molybdenum disulfide offers a road into the metal for corrosion.  Moly is hydroscopic.  This means it attracts and retains moisture right out of the air.  Moisture will attract grit as well, and this can increase the friction you are trying to get rid of.  This is less than ideal. This was explained to me by the late Gale McMillan.  So if you are going to argue with him, you had best know more about rifle accuracy than him.

A lot of people are using Moly on their bullets.  This can increase velocity, help accuracy… and that’s a good thing. Probably the best use of Moly when it comes to firearms.  Unfortunately Moly gets hard (it’s a crystalline mineral after all) and builds up.  This leads to problems, reduced accuracy, and irregular bore wear… which can ruin your rifle.

I’ve got a lot of emails from people who are guessing that Slipstream is Moly.  Gundoc put it best. “Moly is for Chumps.”  No.  We do not use Graphite or Moly.  Or a Mixture of the two.   We don’t like Moly.

Molly however… Shivers our Timbers.


To Unseat a sitting President, you have to put forth a Candidate that is more popular than the President.  A less popular person has never beat a sitting President.  And unfortunately, Newt is far less popular.  He has a 60% Dislike rating… Who really thinks that Newt could win the General Election?
I’m not saying Newt wouldn’t do a good job if he became the POTUS… I’m just saying it’s unlikely to ever happen.  Newt isn’t nearly as Conservative as he pretends to be on Fox News.  He has a lot of baggage.  He was ousted on Ethics violations, took 1.5 million from Freddie Mac, and sat down with Nancy Pelosi and supported Global Warming.  (Man Made Global Warming is BS, and the Liberals are using it to strangle Industry – this isn’t a Conservative platform, but it’s Newts) This guy is as popular as a case of Mono.  As useless as Obama has been, he remains more popular than Newt.
Obama would thrash Newt in the election.