Gun Industry Irritations

As much as I love the Gun Industry, there are some irritations about it that just make me cringe.

1.  Magnum Research names ever dang self loading pistol a “Desert Eagle“.  Freaking stop that. The new 1911 isn’t just a “1911”.  It’s the “Desert Eagle 1911G“.  It’s like they were trying to hide the 1911 in the name… you might miss it.  Well, to make sure that you don’t miss it, they put “DESERT EAGLE 1911G” in huge bold block letters on the slide so large that the whole gun is a billboard for the DESERT EAGLE 1911G.  Come on.  Oh, wait… there is one gun Magnum Research has that isn’t a “Desert Eagle”, it’s the small .380 auto.  That’s the “Micro Eagle”.  Okay, they kept the Eagle theme, fine.  But Desert Eagle 1911G?  Putting the same name on everything, maybe Magnum Research should move their headquarters to West Virginia.
2.  Bond Arms makes great little Derringer.  Probably the best made in the business.  But most of their advertisements isn’t showing the gun… it’s showing a poorly drawn illustration with really weird perspective angles showing a pattern of pellets.  I just hate those cartoons. They offer a bunch of different calibers, but always illustrate the bloody .410. This puts you in competition with the Taurus Judge. You offer more than that, show that.  And not with another cartoon. Come on… Show the GUNS.  They are great looking guns!  If you want to sell me on the gun, show me the gun.  Instead, you are trying to sell comic books… that you don’t sell.  Show me the GUNS!
3.  EAA.  You have this skinny girl with no lips making sexual innuendo in front of a backdrop of fireworks or something.  She’s not that attractive.  At least she’s not hinting about her panties anymore. Drop the Skank stuff.  Look, I love the 10mm Witness.  I gave it a positive review for Concealed Carry Magazine, because it’s a fine handgun.  But I can’t take EAA seriously because your advertising is so bad.  Who’s idea is this advertising?  Jack Black?  Come on.  Change your advertising and you guys would be doing so much better.  I know one of the biggest dealers in Utah who doesn’t stock your guns because the advertising is offensive.  It’s all about the image, and the marketing is putting out a real sorry one.

These are my irritations.  What are yours?