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Huntsman dropped out.

That’s too bad… he had a chance of a shot at it… If Mitt, Newt, Ron and the guy that lives across the field from me all died in a crash  – Huntsman would have totally had a shot at this.


  1. 01/17/2012    

    He was THIS close… damn near made it.
    Who are we talking about?


  2. 01/17/2012    

    I knew he was toast after I saw his first campaign ad.

  3. Flint's Gravatar Flint

    Would have been better if he’d done that, before the NH primary. Not like he had a chance, anyway. Just needlessly distorting the vote.

    Amusingly, and something the mainstream media generally isn’t going to trumpet: of the folks who bothered to pull a Democratic ballot (probably almost exclusively registered Democrats, since Undeclared voters could pull a Republican ballot and actually have their vote count for something), almost 20% of them voted for someone other than Obama.

    Those are /Democrats/ who are pissed off enough that they went out to vote, knowing they were doing nothing but protesting (it’s not like the DNC is going to nominate anyone other than Obama), because of how fed up they are with him.

  4. toadold's Gravatar toadold

    I’ll miss his daughters.

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