6 thoughts on “Crows… Smart. Scary Smart”

  1. I’ve seen crows that will take a nut in their hands, fly high into the air, and drop it onto the pavement to break it open. Maybe they were ravens. Really smart.

  2. Crows no longer get within 200 yards of my house anymore. They learn very quickly.

  3. I once saw a crow bury food in some dirt. Too bad that the next day it was covered with cement for a ADA sidewalk ramp……….

  4. JFM is correct. Ravens are much smarter than crows, but crows are smarter than most birds. There was a show about ravens a few years ago that showed how smart they were; a raven was shown stealing an ice fisherman’s fish by walking over to the fishing hole while the fisherman was away, then pulling in the line with one foot while holding down the slack line with the other. Eventually he brought up the fish, which he made off with.

  5. when we used to hunt crows, we would set up an electronic caller

    when we turned it on, one crow would fly out as a scout and then fly back to where the whole flock was and then the entire group would come to the call

    I’ve also seen them drop pecans onto the road to crack them

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