My Trinity

For 2012, there are three firearms that I am going to acquire. These are the last guns I want to add to my collection… unless something new pops up that I never knew I always wanted.

1.  I want my own Crusader Rifle.  A real Crusader Weaponry, top down.  I’m tired of seeing the best rifles I’ve ever seen… shipping out to other lucky blokes… I can’t take it anymore.  I’ve got to have my own. This is going to be the first of my guns to get… my highest priority.  To do this – I’m going to sell my Rock River.  As great as it is… it’s not a Crusader.  More on selling the Rock in the near future.

2. A Browning High Power.  I almost had one, but it slipped through my fingers.  One came available about 5 days too late or I’d have had it.  I’ve always wanted one and by Odin’s Eyepatch, I’m getting me one.

3. A .44 Magnum 5″ S&W 629.  Nightcrawler’s revolver has been haunting me all the more lately… shooting it planted the seed.  Shooting Fenris’s new 629 sealed that.  I must have one.

These three guns are my top priority, in order.  Maybe I’ll stumble on other guns through 2012… but these three are the year’s Holy Trinity for me to get.

SIG’s Adaptive Carbine Platform

SIG has jumped on the pistol to PDW bandwagon.  Joining ranks with Hera and CAA, SIG now has a kit you can attach your handgun into, to turn it into something different. Whatever it is, it’s not a Carbine and this is a poor use of the word.   SIG would have been much better off to have simply created a real pistol caliber carbine.

There are a lot of critics of the result of turning your pistol into an SMG wannabe.   Guys who want this would probably be better off with a real SMG type weapon such as an Uzi or Steyr TMP or something along those lines.  These are your basic “PDW” platforms… Personal Defensive Weapons.  They have their place and purpose.  Now, converting your SIG or Glock into one of these type guns seems questionable to many.  But when you lock your Glock into such kit, you do gain some things… Stability is one.  Recoil is reduced and Control is enhanced… Accuracy is improved.  Quicker target engagement and ease of target engagement is gained.   If you use it properly as demonstrated in the video by SIG’s shooter.   Holding the weapon out against the sling gives you an anchor point.  It’s not as ideal as a stock, but it does work.   The unit with the folding stock is better, but then you have an SBR.  A Short Barreled Rifle.  This is a Class III type firearm and as you can tell, it’s obviously more evil and malicious than using a floppy single point sling.  One other thing to be aware of is that attaching a vertical foregrip as shown in the video, well that’s the spawn of Satan as well… Doing that creates a new form of wickedness called an AOW… or “Any Other Weapon”.  Something the ATF has been unable to appropriately classify.  So you can have this SIG ACP kit on your gun and legally it’s just a pistol still.  Until you put that Vertical Foregrip on it and then you have an unregistered AOW.    You can’t do that unless you go through the same Red Tape as you would to register your SBR.   Now, you can put a Bi-Pod on your handgun.  That’s legal.  You can even fold down one leg as use it as a VFG… Because it’s still a Bi-Pod.  So watch out for that.  AOW’s, SBR’s… Oh my.  So many ways to commit a felony.

The only thing that could make this SIG ACP any better would be to mount a Taurus Judge in it.

Dear Newt

You’ve done well early on, came out of know where to take a front runner seat, and then you have turned into a biter, hateful, slobbering troll.  Your new campaign against Romney is not doing him much damage right now… but it’s crushed you.  Newt, you are a horrible person and have become ultimately unelectable.  There is no way in hell that you are going to win the Presidency.  And it’s extremely unlikely that you are going to win the nomination.  In fact, I dare say that you are about neck in neck with your chances as are Rick Perry and Herman Cain.

But here’s the problem Newt.  You have said that if you lose, you will throw your support to Mitt.  Yet this attack campaign you’ve created, helped fund and support… isn’t going to effect your adversary, Mitt Romney, in the primaries. But it’s going to haunt him in the General Election.  What you are doing, Newt, is aiding and abetting Obama.  This makes me suspicious as your attacks on Mitt are coming from a direction of Socialism and Anti-Capitalism.  What you are doing is placing a Wedge between who is likely to become the GOP Candidate who is going to be going head to head against Obama… and Centrist, undecided, and swing voters who are key to winning the General Election.

Newt… Knock it off.  Pull the campaign and drop out gracefully.  Your continued efforts now only serve strengthen Obama.

Thank you.

PS.  You are an asshole.