I was interested in getting a Chiappa Rhino

Let me say this again… I was interested in getting a Chiappa Rhino revolver with the 4″ barrel.

But not anymore.  They really turned me off.  Its not that I care a wit about the RFID scare or if it’s a concern or not… that’s not the point.  The tone they took on the issue is insulting to anyone that has a concern.  It’s much like those that questioned the President’s birth certificate and just calling them “Birthers”.  Slinging an insult instead of addressing a legitimate concern.  I’ll have to pass on a new Chiappa. This is too bad… because it’s a rather neat gun.  But I can live without it.

Maybe a used one… eventually.  But I wouldn’t give them any of my money now.

The WTA Gathering

I’m getting ready to ride. I found some .45ACP and I can fit it in my saddle bags… I can’t bring much gun stuff on a bike, but the shooting is the least important thing for me. Funny that I should say that, no? I’ll bring what I can.
Saturday, at the Provo Range, the one up Squaw Peak in Provo Canyon, we’re having our Gathering. If you can, show up. We’ll be there in the morning, then take a break from noon till 4, then we’ll be back shooting unless something else really cool pops up and we change plans. You never know… so you best come out in the morning!
I’m looking forward to this a great deal. I can’t say how much.