The WTA Gathering

I’m getting ready to ride. I found some .45ACP and I can fit it in my saddle bags… I can’t bring much gun stuff on a bike, but the shooting is the least important thing for me. Funny that I should say that, no? I’ll bring what I can.
Saturday, at the Provo Range, the one up Squaw Peak in Provo Canyon, we’re having our Gathering. If you can, show up. We’ll be there in the morning, then take a break from noon till 4, then we’ll be back shooting unless something else really cool pops up and we change plans. You never know… so you best come out in the morning!
I’m looking forward to this a great deal. I can’t say how much.

2 thoughts on “The WTA Gathering”

  1. Have a great time.

    You just need a few more bags on the bike for ammo. Handlebars (maybe room for an extra weapon), sissybar, gastank, throw all those clothes and stuff out of the backpack and you can fit plenty of ammo, and more guns!

    Green with envy

  2. Don’t you all worry, the Ogre will have plenty of firearms at his disposal if he so chooses.

    Morning will be the better weather as well.

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