Magnas don’t get soggy in the rain.

But Ogres do… no riding today.  Dang it.

It's sulking there, alone in the rain...

Learned a lot about my new bike this week.  Chain tension, lube and inspection.  Saddle bags can unzip off.  And I learned that my bike gets 40 MPG on the dot, which is pretty good.  So I learned just how far my bike can go on a tank… then shortly there after, I learned just how far I can go on my reserve tank.  Which I found out was about 400 yards short of the gas station.  Luckily the bike can coast pretty good, to within 100 yards.  So it was not a lot of pushing, but enough to hammer home the lesson.   Seriously, I need a bigger fuel tank.  I heard you can get a tank off a Honda Shadow, and with some modification, make it work for the Magna.  If anyone has any detailed information on that – I’d really like to hear it.


Accidently used the “F” Word to my wife.

Wife gets ready for Church today… a new outfit.  She asks “How do I look?”

I made a huge mistake… “Fine.”

Guys… never use the word “fine” to a woman.   She gave me a glare and disappeared.   She changed her skirt, late to church… all because I used the F-Word.   It’s an okay word to use with the fellas.  Guys don’t care.  Fine is fine… but to a woman… Oh my hell.  Never use the F-word to a woman.