I’m not even sure what to think of this

I saw this some time ago and had to snap a pic of it.  The photo doesn’t do it justice.  This is an F-350, full sized, quad cab… a massive truck… jacked up high.  I’m sure it’s great in the snow.  The stacks put it over the top.

For those with a lot of cash and no idea what to do with it.

18 thoughts on “I’m not even sure what to think of this”

  1. Freakishly enough, I’ve seen a truck or two like that out here in Soccer Mom Haven (only with nicer paint jobs). Agreed: the stacks are just a bit too much. And how in the heck do you get in and out of that thing without full-length running boards?

    No thanks, the ’69 GTO is still firmly entrenched as my dream car.

  2. Gaaaaaayyyy.

    I don’t see the point in raising it that high. The ground clearance is only as high as the axles and the crank case. Giving it a higher center of gravity isn’t going to make it any better at off roading.

    But trucks like this aren’t really for off roading. Most guys that drive trucks like that never even get them dirty.

    On top of it all, the dude can’t park, which is also typical. Winner all the way around.

    1. I bought a lifted truck, because it was what was available when mine died.

      Shortly afterward, I was positioning a towable boom lift on a job site, and the only way to back it into position was to drive the truck down over the embankment that separated the lot from the road. With 3″ lift, I had precisely half an inch of clearance under the skid plates.

      It doesn’t let you go over large humps that are parallel to the direction of travel, but it does let you go over humps that are perpendicular.

      The stacks are ridiculous, though.

  3. Actually, its not over lifted.
    Look at the space between tire and fender.Get a little articulation going and it can still get rub.
    The stack is overkill.
    You have to keep in mind that I have lived in redneck havens all over the country.
    I know guys with trucks that make this one seem mild, however… they do off road them.
    This one wouldnt be any good in tight areas, but for taking the motorcycle, family, and pulling another trail toy or travel trailer out with them… then mild wheeling, this one isnt a bad choice.
    Not a fan of the 20″ wheels, it needs more sidewall.


  4. I have an ’02 F-350 quad cab, but with the short bed. I can actually make a U-turn in a real road, on occasion. Or even parallel park. The extra length of the wheelbase with the quad cab and the long bed makes maneuvering a pain and a half, and renders some things impossible.

    And I can put an 8-foot flatbed on it (equivalent to the short bed with the tailgate permanently down).

    I may even add a stack, as I’m planning to convert to veggie oil, and that stuff smokes more than petroleum diesel. But it will be /a/ stack, not two, and it will be roughly the size of the normal exhaust pipe, not big enough to smoke a decent-sized turkey in…

  5. It’s not any one attribute… it’s all of them together that makes this thing crazy. And the extra large stacks is just too much on top of all this truck. This is a lot of truck.

  6. Hmmm I bet it has California plates as that is a little low for the ones around here.

    (And no I am not proud of that)

  7. There’s one like that around my area – but with bigger tires, a nicer paint job and a longer bed.
    I don’t know what the guy does with it, because it’s never, ever dirty when I’ve seen it.
    Maybe all he does is wash and wax it.
    (And I’ve never seen more than two people in it. Nor any dogs in the back seat. Or the bed for that matter. Or cargo.)

  8. I always thought that guy was a redneck making fun of red necks! At least his stacks are high enough to keep the soot from sticking to the rear window, unlike most of the “stack in the bed” diesles here. The lift will help with breackover angles with such a long wheelbase, but the stacks will get hung up on trees if he uses it for hunting.

  9. Up in the part of Pennsylvania I just moved from, there is a truck I saw around town which was a Peterbilt, converted into a VERY LARGE pick-up truck. (I think the owner is a retired trucker, with a well equipped shop behind his house, and a lot of time on his hands.)
    I’ll have to ask my friends up there to snap a picture if they see it.

  10. With that long of a wheel base you need some lift for more than dirt roads, as stated to improve the “break over” angle. Then again why go right back to reducing it with ladder bars? Oh yeah, the rear is lifted with cheapo blocks between the axle and the springs. For the price of the ladder bars he could have just gotten proper lift springs and not needed anything to combat spring wrap. But what do you expect from someone wit 20’s(?) on a 1 ton? I doubt it sees much(read any) off-road anyway. That front driveshaft couldn’t take much torque at it’s current angle. The stacks are just the product of someone who wishes they could drive a real rig. Probably has a sticker on the back that reads “Real trucks don’t have spark plugs”. I usually laugh at those people and explain that real trucks don’t have glow plugs either.

  11. Wish you had got a shot from the back. I shook my head when I saw it from the rear. I couldn’t wait to tell my wife, and now I see it here. I’ll have to show her the pic. Thanks for confirming I’m not just too old to appreciate!

  12. It makes perfect sense down here in the FL swamps, guy up the street has one, he specializes in fencing swamps.

    Who notes he leaves even earlier in the AM than I do!

  13. I saw this truck again the other day. The driver was a woman. The sticker across the tool box said, “Save a Witch Burn a Christian”. Further comment eludes me.

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