Great Britian just went Full Retard.

Evidently the British have gone so Full Retard that Fire Extinguishers are a Fire Hazard.   I can’t make this up, and I can’t even begin to understand this.


Seriously, UK… What the heck? Do you want your Subjects to be so completely and utterly helpless that they can’t do anything for themselves? You want them to be like rabbits in a hutch, nibbling in their feed bins and staying completely safe under the gracious care of The Government.


So I put some guns up on KSL for trade for a Motorcycle.   I get some responses for parts bikes… nothing that runs.   Then I get an offer that’s just crazy good for a 2004 HD Softail.  Dude sends pictures and everything.   Oh hell yes.  The guy wants it out of his garage.  I say “Yup, I’ll take that trade offer.”

But then the guy gets cold feet and welches.   Feh.  I mean, come on… You put up a bike that’s worth twice what I offered to trade, that’s not my problem.  Oh well.  Still no bike for the Ogre.