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Crusader Weaponry is heart broken over the tragic event in CT. Since the news broke, I’ve felt sick to my stomach over this, and have no been able to keep very much food down. Such a tragedy makes one evaluate a great many things. We wish there was something that we could do to help… but there is nothing that we could ever do that would bring back the lives of those slain by this insane inhuman monster.
The best we can do is to help minimize such events in the future.
Joe and I talked about this and made a commitment.
Any Teacher or School Administration with a CCW Permit can come to any of our Defensive Handgun courses free of charge. This is a $200 donation per head to the safety of our Children. If a School District so desires, Crusader will hold a special course for them, and if Travel is required, we only ask for enough to cover the cost of the travel.
We wish we could do more.
But we are committed to our believe that we need an Active Defense Measure in our Schools. We need our schools and other institutions to have people on staff at all times that are Trained and Armed and always vigilant. We can not Educate our Children if we can not Protect our Children.

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  1. Where is the “like” buttong? A couple of years ago, I had a discussion with my kid’s principal. She had no problem with teachers carrying concealed (although her eyebrows raised when I mentioned that I was armed at the time). She, however, did not know of any teachers that did. I offered to purchase a gun cabinet and a shotgun for the school, but she declined my offer.

  2. Excellent idea! The only way to stop the madness is to convince the crazy person with a firearm that there are sane persons with firearms ready, able and willing to take them out.

  3. There are a few Teachers that I know of that do carry from time to time.
    However, the institutional attitude is to shun any active defensive measures and prefer to take a Lockdown approach. This has a limited benefit. I always look when I pass the High School in Vernal to see if the Sheriff’s Deputy is there. And most of the time he is, or other LEO’s are near by. They is always someone close. And that’s good. But is it enough?

  4. Any UT instructors willing to throw in CFP classes for teachers at no charge?

    I forwarded the info to the teachers that I know.

  5. Unless the rooms are hardened, a lock down just holds potential victims in one area until the shooter is ready for them.
    If an active shooter is in the school, I want my kids out the windows and doors.
    It is harder for the shooter to hit a moving target than one cowering under a desk.
    If there is no means for protection, then flight is an option.
    I would prefer teachers with CCW permits to carry in class, but I fear that in most of the country… This will never be an option.
    I need to see what the schools stance is on this in Wyoming.


  6. I applaud your efforts….yes, laws need to be changed to eliminate “Gun Free Zones” but its time for all citizens to take up arms and defend themselves and their loved ones/charges from evil.

  7. Well done; a great gesture. My Dad was a high school teacher for 35 years, and were he not retired I’d send him to Utah for some expert training

      1. I think the best way would be following the basic course as the basic course would cover most of the firearm safety/handling and then I could review the law section afterwards.

  8. This is a nice gesture and I’d like to see it succeed but, as a nation, we are about 20 step away from arming teachers. If an active defense program for teachers is even considered by a school, the administration and the union will bog it down with so much red tape as to make it useless. Look at what TSA did to the armed pilots (FFDO) program and where it is now. That was mandated by Congress and the pilots unions wanted it but the Administration still got away with slashing its budget in half.

    1. In Utah, it’s perfectly legal. And I know a few Teachers that do carry. This “Program” doesn’t have to cost the District a single dime. Just encourage those that are willing to do so, to do so without stigma.

  9. Good on you George. Private citizens like you are taking action to help already, while politicians are whinging about it still and trying to figure out what to do.


  10. I am a high school/jr. high school teacher. I have a permit and a gun but have never really taken it to school except on weekends when I am there alone. I really really want to take your training course so that I feel more confident with the gun at school. How and where do I sign up?

  11. Ogre, this is such a great idea that I had to steal it.

    I’m a law enforcement firearms instructor, and just this morning I launched a letter to the editor of the local paper, in which I volunteered to train any local school personnel who have CCW permits at no cost.

    Mind you, current state law prohibits anyone but an on-duty LEO from possessing a firearm in our schools, but they tried to change that once before, and I’m hoping they try again, successfully, in the future.

    My goal is to eliminate the “we can’t afford it” excuse when that happens.

  12. I work at a charter school and some of the administrators (front office, principal etc) would like to sign up for your ccw class. How do we do this?

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