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An interesting Stock

You gotta be careful with all the aftermarket crap out there. A Safe bet is MagPul, their stuff is always pretty dang good. One company that I think is really Hit or Miss, is Mako. These are the cats bringing in stuff from FAB Defense… Israeli made stuff. None of it’s bad, it’s just that I don’t really care for a lot of it, but they do make some stuff that I really like. Such as some of their Vertical Foregrips. I also like the fact that they put a Rubber pad on their stocks. Not they AR weapons need a rubber recoil pad, but that it keeps the gun from slipping on the shoulder, or when your just trying to stand it up against something. Non-Slip has it’s advantages. Well, the other day we got in some of these new GL-MAG stocks. I put a couple of them on some Combo AR’s I put together and several of us tried it out. The concept is simple… The stock holds a spare mag. It comes with a nice little 10 round mag, but I’d rather keep a 20 rounder in there of a more reliable make… but there it is. A second mag well to keep some emergency rounds at hand.

Gotta love Double Tapper. Great guy. I like how he demonstrates the mag changes. But notice how the 10 round mag about disappears in that grip funnel on his mag well? This is a case where the 20 rounder would be ideal.
It seems to be a good solid M4 stock alternative and retails for about 110 bucks. I like it. It’s more functional that the Magpul stocks, that’s for sure.