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Top 10 for 2019

My Top Ten New Vehicles for 2019. Based on personal driving experience, this is my top 10 vehicles that I would spend my own money on. SUV’s: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota 4Runner, Audi Q5. Sedans: Dodge Charger, Genesis G80 Sport. Coupes: Audi S5, Porsche Cayman. Hatch Back: Golf R. Pickup Truck: For the Full Size, Dodge RAM. Midsize, Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

Audi Q5. Avoid the versions with the 2.0T engine. Although they are “just fine” the Supercharged 3.0 V6 engine is just so bloody good. Torque like crazy, they handle great and feel properly quick for an SUV. Very comfortable. Not cheap though. Not by any means. Just worth every penny.
VW Golf R. This is what the GTI should have been. Over 300 horses and 300 torques being thrown to the ground via All Wheel Drive. This isn’t just a Hot Hatch, it’s the Hottest of the Hatches.
Porsche Cayman It’s a better car than their 911. Period.
Audi S5 Audi’s best looking car in the history of the brand. And it drives just as good as it looks, with their fantastic Quattro all wheel drive system… Unstoppable speed.
Genesis G80 Sport. Sport and Luxury combined perfectly, giving you far more car for your money than any Euro brand can offer.
RAM 1500. Fan. I’m just a huge fan. And they are great looking trucks too. Ford and Chevy and trying to look like Electric Razors, and RAM is trying to actually look like a truck.
Taco Pro. Rugged, Reliable, with proven off-road chops. It’s the truck that all other midsized trucks are judged by.
4Runner TRD Pro. The only reasonable SUV that’s still body on frame and can actually still go off roading, not just Dirty Roading.
Dodge Charger. There’s a reason it’s the king of cop cars. But in civilian trim, it’s actually really nice inside, well appointed, and comfortable. And it looks the business.
Jeep Grand Cherokee. Jeep’s best vehicle, period. So many options it can be anything you want it to be. And it looks mean as hell. It’s just not as good in the Rough as a 4Runner for gnarly off-roading. But you can’t get a 4Runner with a Hemi.

Glock vs the 911

Most guys are comparing the Glock to the 1911.  I’m going to compare it to the 911…

For the last 40 years Porsche has been remaking the same design and calling it brand new, and the fans have been lapping it up and eagerly await the next version. Those on the outside look at it and see that it is the same thing.  The engine was misplaced, tacked on the rear like an afterthought outboard motor.  Every one is waiting for Porsche to scoot it in a bit to improve the car’s balance.
Glock only comes out with a new gun when someone makes a new caliber… In the twenty years of Glockdom, we have seen new generations which we are told are better than the previous ones, and the Glock Enthusiasts will happily explain it to you like evangelical missionaries.  But those on the outside look at it and see the same fault… That grip angle.  It’s wrong.  It’s not the same geometry that Saint J. Moses Browning chiselled in stone, so it can’t be right.
Now here is the thing about both the car and the gun… Like them or not, they work.  The racing beetle continues to be one of the worlds very best sportscars, as the Glock continues to be one of the best handguns.  Wrong or not, there is something very right about them.