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Newt vs Mitt again. Content Added

You guys know I’ve been weighing the Newt and Mitt thing ever since Newt got serious.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot.
I’ve come to the conclusion that Newt, while he would make for a decent president, the man is just not electible.  There is little chance he could win.  I really think that if Newt gets the nomination, Obama will win reelection.
When Dr. Savage offers Newt a million bucks to drop out… That shows us the crest of a huge Anti-Newt wave that’s only just starting to form.  The push against Newt is going to get a lot worse.   Those that are in the middle, the fence sitters – those that tip election scales, are not going to pull the lever for Newt.  He is obnoxious and disliked.

This leaves us with Mitt as the only tangible candidate that has any hope in Hell of winning against The Great Halfrican.  Like it or not, that’s the situation.  I’m saying this, knowing full well that Romney is as likeable as… something that’s not very likeable.  I also hate the fact that he goes to the same church that I do.   But he could run and win against Bamma. Newt can’t.

So here’s my prediction…

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I’m going to have to rethink my support for Herman Cain.  A couple patsy girls was one thing.  But I’m starting to think the continual influx of girls coming forward might be an indication of a pattern of behavior that was perfectly fine for Bill Clinton, but totally off limits for a Republican… those are the Rules of the Game as set forth by The Media.  I still like Cain, that’s not the problem.  My problem is that I fear he is not – at this moment in time – as electable of a candidate as we want.  He’s being stereotyped as the black guy wanting to know where all the white women are at.  This is how they have to attack Cain, because they are unable to challenge him on Ideas.  Unfortunately these are attacks that go through any defense… Just the accusation is damaging enough to end a campaign.  Shady realestate deals are one thing… but a Man that might be interested in Women?  Oh dear… only Democrats can be interested in intimate adult heterosexual relationships.  Remember the Media’s defense of Clinton?  “It’s only sex.  None of our business.”  Or maybe Cain’s mistake was not having the State Police deliver the Hoochies to him. Oh wait, only Governors can do that.  As regrettable as it is, I think Cain’s pretty much done now.  Maybe he can pull off a Hail Marry, maybe not.  But I’d like to see Cain win the Nomination still… but I can’t see that happening now.

So this leaves us with what’s now looking like a Romney Gingrich race.   Newt is certainly the smartest man in the room at the Debates.  Newt knows the game very well, understands the process.  Sure, he’s Old School Established GOP… A continuation of the Machine that none of us are really happy with… but he made a very good point that is very true.  He is the most Conservative.  Looking at the Words and Deeds of the other Candidates Past, (Meaning Romney and Perry because Cain is pretty much now through) Newt nailed them to the wall.  The think I like about Newt is that he doesn’t care what you think.  You are going to get Newt’s direct opinion with less filtration.  You know he’s old school GOP and he doesn’t hide it.  The other guys do too… but are acting like they are not and Romney and Perry are both far less Conservative than I like.

One concern about Mitt Romney I heard on the radio and was not addressed.  “Well, if he becomes the President, how can he be protected if he goes in a Mormon Temple?  Because only Mormons can go in.”  Correction, only Mormons that meet certain standards – the highest standards, can go in.  The answer is that there are such Mormons who are in the US Secret Service, and they could go in with the President.  Also, the LDS Church has it’s own Secret Service equivalent that I will not talk about, but they are there, and they would be working in cooperation with the US.S.S… with the result that Mitt would be doubly protected.  This isn’t an issue at any level, but it does bug the hell out of the Liberal Media because they would be unable to get photographers and reporters in the temple to hound him in a place of worship he (and us Mormons) consider most sacred.  (I have worked with the LDS Church’s team – and it was a great honor that I will never forget.  I turned down full time employment as I would have been required to shave my goatee.  This would be like asking me to cut off an arm.  Couldn’t do it.)

While Newt might not be our favorite choice… a Newt Presidency wouldn’t be a bad thing.  He brings a lot of experience to the table… Wouldn’t that be refreshing?  Newt knows how to get things done and wouldn’t sit around blaming Bush, ATM Machines, or Swamp Gas. And he really is the more Conservative, like it or not.  And that would be a fantastic think to have in the White House.