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Colt M45 vs Apple Power Mac

Apple Mac Destruction with Colt M45 1911 Pistol, and a SIG 1911 TACOPS. Both .45 Auto pistols. Both just as accurate, both just as powerful, and both just as reliable.
The Colt though is quite expensive. The SIG is a bargain in comparison. Between the two though… which would I buy?
A Glock 21.  For myself.  But between these two guns, I’d buy the SIG 1911 TACOPS.   If given the choice between these two guns, say as a gift, and I could pick one… I’d still pick the SIG.  Reason being is that I like the checkering and the mag well funnel.  Sure these could be added to the Colt, but the SIG doesn’t come with the pretension and attitude.  It just works.  And it does it without the drama and fanfare.

The finish on the Colt is an odd color.  It’s too damn yellow.  I don’t know what color that is supposed to be, but it’s yellow.  And while the finish is applied just fine, you can see a lot of tool marks under the coating, especially around the frame rail.  I’d think a pistol of this legacy should have a better exterior finish.  I have not yet examined the interior though.
The slide pull is nice and slick.  It’s very smooth.  As is the trigger.  Which is, well, flat out amazing.  However the SIG’s was almost as good.  One thing to note – Both of these pistols had yet to be fired until these first shots recorded.  Both guns were smooth and accurate, to the point that I couldn’t determine if either one had an advantage.

Notes on this computer… I have to admit that I very much love the Architecture of these machines. As a former computer tech, working on these is awesome. So easy to drop the side open and everything is laid out and accessible. Exactly in the way that Dell, HP, and Gateways are not. No one had a better case design.
At one point I had ever ram slot filled and it had two hard drives. It was a great computer. But it wouldn’t take OSX and after awhile all the software just became so far out of date that it rendered this machine useless. It was quite sad for me to retire it, because I loved it. The second HD with crucial data was pulled, as was the RAM, to be used in another machine.
Before I pulled this machine off line to give it this Going Away Party, I did make sure that it was running. I could have thrown Linux on it… Yeah, I know that. But I’ll get more use out of this video than I will a Mac based Linux box.

MacBook Pro

I have turned to the Dark Side.  I acquired a MacBook Pro.  In fact, I’m using it right now.  Can’t you feel the elevated smugness?

Overall my impressions are very positive.  It’s new and shiny and mysterious.  Everything is an adventure of discovery… such as “Where the hell did my video download to?”  And “What is OSX Maverick?”  And “I keep hitting the wrong key!”  This is going to take some getting used to… but I’m digging things about it.  A lot.

Such as the fact that my Drift HD camera I was so excited about getting earlier this year, finally allows me to edit with audio.  Before, no matter what I tried, I could never get the audio track.  Seriously, the audio track disappeared.  I tried 5 or 6 different Converters to change formats and such, with no luck.  Huh, iMovie opens it, edits it, and guess what?  I can hear it.  Imagine that.  So this is going to allow me to deal with HD movies all the better.  I’m excited.

Other things about the Mac, well, I’ll learn to get used to them.  Such as a sudden desire to sip Chai Tea and sneer at Muggles.

This is the 13 inch one, because I prefer a laptop to be more compact… it has the latest OSX version on it.  An I7 Processor, and has a ton of Ram and Gigs and can basically is the envy of all the other MacBook Pro owners who does not have the latest and greatest.  Carrying it out of the store, there was bowing going on.  “Yes, you filthy masses… I have the Shiniest Apple.”

Egads, the Mac Effect is already turning me… I suddenly must go to a Starbucks, occupy a table, and roll my eyes at everyone coming in.