MacBook Pro

I have turned to the Dark Side.  I acquired a MacBook Pro.  In fact, I’m using it right now.  Can’t you feel the elevated smugness?

Overall my impressions are very positive.  It’s new and shiny and mysterious.  Everything is an adventure of discovery… such as “Where the hell did my video download to?”  And “What is OSX Maverick?”  And “I keep hitting the wrong key!”  This is going to take some getting used to… but I’m digging things about it.  A lot.

Such as the fact that my Drift HD camera I was so excited about getting earlier this year, finally allows me to edit with audio.  Before, no matter what I tried, I could never get the audio track.  Seriously, the audio track disappeared.  I tried 5 or 6 different Converters to change formats and such, with no luck.  Huh, iMovie opens it, edits it, and guess what?  I can hear it.  Imagine that.  So this is going to allow me to deal with HD movies all the better.  I’m excited.

Other things about the Mac, well, I’ll learn to get used to them.  Such as a sudden desire to sip Chai Tea and sneer at Muggles.

This is the 13 inch one, because I prefer a laptop to be more compact… it has the latest OSX version on it.  An I7 Processor, and has a ton of Ram and Gigs and can basically is the envy of all the other MacBook Pro owners who does not have the latest and greatest.  Carrying it out of the store, there was bowing going on.  “Yes, you filthy masses… I have the Shiniest Apple.”

Egads, the Mac Effect is already turning me… I suddenly must go to a Starbucks, occupy a table, and roll my eyes at everyone coming in.


9 thoughts on “MacBook Pro”

  1. Just make sure you’re packing as you sit and drink your Chai tea while perusing your Mac. It’s the Starbucks thing to do, you know.

  2. Congrats on using an OS for adults.

    Just remember that you can get other flavors of UNIX for free before you have a smug attack.

  3. You’re not doing it right. For instance:
    I’m using an iMac, drinking a PBR while installing a scope on the old lady’s Model 60.
    See? I can still be just as lowbrow as I ever was.

    1. Well, I’m using my Mac while eating Blood Sausages and Haggis while getting a blow job from Yosafbridge.

  4. The nice thing about the 13″ MB Pro is that it fits perfectly in a two gallon Ziplock freezer bag. When I take mine camping and load all my GPS tracks, photos and videos onto it each night. The bag keeps the dust out.
    Be especially watchful if you start looking at Subarus.

  5. Welcome to the Dark Side. You ain’t gonna miss defragging hard drives or updating drivers and anti-virus software. You might start collecting black turtlenecks, wearing tiny glasses and have a desire to buy an HK P30 though.

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