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Ducati Multistrada Enduro

I’ve talked about the Ducati Multistrada before.   But this one is a bit different.  This is the Enduro version.  Now, everything in the Enduro is based on the 1200 S version.  The 1198 CC V-Twin is on board, cranking out the same 160 Horses of Power pulling the same 87 Foot Pounds of Torques through the same 6 Speed transmission.

The differences come in all the areas making the Multistrada more Off-Road Capable.  Now, it was alright off road.  As long as that off road wasn’t too off the road.  But it was lacking… The Enduro fixes all that.
New on the Enduro is larger spoked wheels, taller ground clearance, a heavy duty bash plate under the engine, and new suspension programming and calibration.  There’s also a different seat and handlebars… and a shorter first gear.  The changes all add up to make the Enduro almost a completely different bike.   The 1200S is a great bike for anything on the road.  The Enduro is just a great bike for anything.   I put a lot of miles on one this weekend, and that included some off roading… and any shortcomings it had before are all gone.

The Enduro isn’t just a motorcycle like the 1200S is.  The Enduro is a full grown, well trained, War Horse.

What sitting on the Enduro Feels Like.

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I got my Enduro Bike

I’ve wanted an Enduro for years.  And I’ve wanted a second bike to add to the Ogre Ranch Stables.  Finally brought it home.  It’s a KTM 525 MXC… I’ve probably mentioned it before.  Well, the deal is done and the bike is mine now.

The bike is in brand new – seriously, like it’s never been ridden, brand new condition with a ton of upgrades.  First thing I have got to do to it though… is lower this beast.  It’s tall.  I’m talking, big time, Shaq Attack altitude.   To give some perspective, here it is with my Superhawk…

The bikes were parked almost completely side by side, with the Rear Tires up on the concrete pad… The KTM is a big machine.  My ZX-11 isn’t much bigger than the Hawk was in physical size, and the KTM is just dwarfing it.  The riding position is very much upright.  It’s like a Culture Shock Whiplash riding this thing.  Of course, the hard part is getting it going… and by that I mean getting up on it. I’m about 2 inches too short for it, or so it feels.  The bike was set up for Desert Racing, which it never had a chance to do, so it’s in Desert Attack Mode right now.   Yeah, that’s going to have to be changed a bit.  I need it in more “Dual Sport” mode.   She’s Street Legal as she sits now, lights and everything… good to go.  But Tires and Suspension are set for Baja 1000.

The big question:  Why?

Man, I don’t know.  I just always wanted an Enduro.  I’ve been attracted to Adventure Touring.  Go freaking anywhere.  Up trails that disappear over mountains.  That kinda stuff.  Now I have the machine… I need to go do it.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

The biggest thing I got to get over is riding on Dirt.  I’ll be honest… it scares the shit out of me.  I’ve not had good luck on dirt and gravel and such.  So this is me overcoming my fear of Earth.  Once I can do that – I’ll be in a much better place psychologically when it comes to riding, regardless of what I am on.