Ducati Multistrada Enduro

I’ve talked about the Ducati Multistrada before.   But this one is a bit different.  This is the Enduro version.  Now, everything in the Enduro is based on the 1200 S version.  The 1198 CC V-Twin is on board, cranking out the same 160 Horses of Power pulling the same 87 Foot Pounds of Torques through the same 6 Speed transmission.

The differences come in all the areas making the Multistrada more Off-Road Capable.  Now, it was alright off road.  As long as that off road wasn’t too off the road.  But it was lacking… The Enduro fixes all that.
New on the Enduro is larger spoked wheels, taller ground clearance, a heavy duty bash plate under the engine, and new suspension programming and calibration.  There’s also a different seat and handlebars… and a shorter first gear.  The changes all add up to make the Enduro almost a completely different bike.   The 1200S is a great bike for anything on the road.  The Enduro is just a great bike for anything.   I put a lot of miles on one this weekend, and that included some off roading… and any shortcomings it had before are all gone.

The Enduro isn’t just a motorcycle like the 1200S is.  The Enduro is a full grown, well trained, War Horse.

What sitting on the Enduro Feels Like.

You feel that the machine is extremely capable… More so than you are.  It’s a humbling experience.  It also gives you a great deal of confidence… You know you can point the bike in any given direction, give it throttle, and if you can manage to hold on, the bike will get you there.  And it’s going to get you there fast.   The Enduro is a breathtakingly quick bike.  Shockingly powerful.

At the same time, it’s also very forgiving, thanks to the torque and the stability control… you really have to screw something up to get into trouble.  I’m talking about the physics of motorcycle dynamics, not the Law.  Because this bike can get you into a lot of trouble with the Law if you are not restrained in your riding.

Do not break The Law.  Seriously… Because on this bike you are not going to be breaking off small bits of The Law.  You’ll be biting off big chunks of it.  And The Law doesn’t like that.

It’s an easy bike to stand on the pegs and really use your body to ride with.    It’s an easy bike to hang off of in the curves.   The bike wants to be ridden hard, like the 1200 S Multistrada… But it feels like it’s more composed at slower speeds.  You can stand on the pegs, come to a complete stop, and then get rolling again easier than anything else short of a BMW R1200GS.

The switch gear and controls are all easy to use.  The different rides modes all have a distinct feel to them, and you can quickly switch between them.   The Cruise Control works very well.  And on the interstate doing a high speed burn across an expanse of miles, the bike just handles that task with grace.  Thanks to some very good aerodynamics, buffeting is minimal.

If I was to have any complaints about the bike, it would be that the bike is very tall.  But at the same time, this is why the bike is so good at what it’s for.  And if it was shorter, then the bike wouldn’t be as good as it is.  If you have less than a 32 inch inseam, you are going to have a tough time on this.  But if Size Doesn’t Matter to you… You’ll have no problem with the Enduro.

2 thoughts on “Ducati Multistrada Enduro”

  1. This type of motorcycle wouldn’t work well for me but I appreciate the candid review all the same. Thanks for keeping us up to speed even if we’re going to have to sit in the stands for this one. ( thumbs up )

    1. No, a Warhorse like this thing is not for everyone. I’m not even sure it’s for me. Now, I had an absolute blast on it… and do every time I ride it or others of it’s kind… But it’s not “ME”. And motorcycles are an Emotional, Personal kinda thing… not something that follows logic and reason. If you are looking for a bike based on any rationally organized manor, you are fucking up and you’ll never be truly happy with your bike.

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