Officer Safety

I’ve got a lot of friends in Law Enforcement, including a brother. It’s very hazardous for them to make a traffic stop because of other traffic. Lots of cops have been hit because of this, and the resulting interview of the drivers that hit the cops always comes down to “They didn’t see them.”
Also, there has been a lot of cases where Fake Cops pull people over and kill or rob them or just get their jollies off acting like cops.

For the concern of Officer and Public Safety, I think all Law Enforcement Vehicles where the Officer may make a traffic stop… I propose a simple idea. All vehicles driven by Officers who are authorized to make a traffic stop, County, City and State… Nation Wide… All vehicles should be painted High Vis Green.
Don’t like this idea?  Tough.  This is for Safety, so get used to it!
This has been proven to work in the UK!
This way, Motorists can see the Police Officer from farther away, and be mindful of Officer Safety.
You are not against Officer Safety are you?  Public safety is better as well.
Let’s extend this to all Emergency Vehicles as well.  Firetrucks have been rolling in High Vis Green for some time now, with reduced accidents because of it.  So only Law Enforcement and Emergency Vehicles should allowed to sport High Vis Green.  So if someone tries to pull you over, and he’s not rolling HVG… Call a real Cop.   If a Cop sees a guy trying to pull someone over and he’s not rolling HVG, he knows something is wrong.
Hey, this is for SAFETY.  So get with the program, or you are NOT SAFE!
We should implement this nationwide starting next month, with full implementation by Jan 1 2013.

AR-15, Ergo Grip

On my Facebook page, I have a picture of me hold my AR-15 rifle.  Here it is:

The most common question that I’ve been getting isn’t about the gun, the sights, the sling or stock… or the “Man, looks like you lost some weight!”  No, the question has been hitting me up the most is about the pistol grip.    Yes, it’s a simple hardened rubber grip from Ergo Grip.   Nothing fancy.  No storage in the hollow cavity.  Just a simple grip.

“But why?”

Because I like it.  I don’t need my pistol grip to be a Modular System.  I don’t need it to do anything.  I just want a good feeling pistol grip to hold on to when I’m shooting my rifle.  Because that’s what it’s for. No, it’s not MagPul and I know MP now has a new Rubber Coated MOE grip… and its fine.  I just like the Ergo better.  And it’s 10 bucks less.

This also comes as a change of ideology with me.  I used to be a big fan of “On Gun Storage” for things like spare batteries and maybe a small bottle of gun oil.  (Not that I need it since I use Slipstream) or maybe even a spare firing pin or whatever.  I’m not anymore.  Most guys like me, Gear Whores, will wear more than enough pouches and bags and even pouches for bags… that we can carry more than enough stuff so we don’t have to put it in our gun so we don’t lose it.  I’m at the point now where I don’t want anything on my gun that I don’t absolutely have to have.  If the batteries are not connected to anything vital, I don’t want them in my gun.  That goes for other spare parts.  I can keep that stuff in a pouch and leave my gun lighter and easier to use.  Especially if I’m rocking a Single Point Sling.  I don’t need the extra weight cutting into my neck.

Back to the grip.  The main reason I’m not using a standard A1 style pistol grip is that they are too small for my hands.  When I grab the grip, my finger goes all the way around the trigger and I can touch the receiver.  I need more space at the backstrap to put my finger tip on the trigger where I want it.  The Ergo grip does just that and feels good in the hand.  I can shoot more comfortably with it in different positions, because it feels like I have better control of the weapon.  This is what it’s all about.


The 2015 Ford Mustang

I’ve read the lamentations of the Ford Fans that the next Mustang is completely ditching it’s Retro styling.  At first I was myself concerned that Ford had lost it’s mind.  But then I watched a new Mustang roll past (I was sitting in a Wendy’s at the time) and I thought that it had very little Retro look to it anyways.   So not much is lost.  The new Mustangs don’t look like Mustangs and they sound like Honda Accords, so I’m not bothered by Ford chucking it and starting over.  This is ultimately going to be a very good thing for Ford.  The new 2015 Mustang looks sharp.  It looks like a performance car.  It looks like an Aston Martin, but that’s not a bad thing.   I have some optimism about the new Stang… with Ford’s new Engines, some new looks, I see a winner coming.  Especially since Ford has hinted at something the Mustang has always needed.  An Updated Suspension.   There is Hope For America!

All we need now is for Chevy to make the Vette a Mid-Engine car.

Monday’s Motorcycle: Adventure Bikes

This nails it for me.  Watch this…

And this one…

This captures something inside me like nothing else… Screaming Warp Speed is fun. But this is a Lifetime thing. I could spend the rest of my life doing this. Adventure Touring. Looking at all the options out there, there are many great ones. The Triumph Tiger, The V-Strom, and others. But that goofy looking KTM has some appeal to me. I don’t know which one would be the best of the best. Probably the BMW, but it’s size and weight is intimidating to me. I am most comfortable on the Liter bikes. So that 990 Adventure is what I’m leaning to.
It’s about the Freedom, guys. Other bikes do the Cool. The Thrill. The Speed. And they are all great. But these big Enduros do the Freedom.

Updated: up with the Boy Scouts of America

The BSA was a great program when I was in it.  I enjoyed it and learned a lot from it.
My eldest son was trying to get his Eagle.  He put out project plans that would have been just fine, but the local guy kept shooting them down, insisting that he put in a new flag pole for the new park… meaning he wanted me to buy a new damn flag pole for the park.  He new time for my son was running out.  Five project proposals in a week at one point… all shot down.  For my Son.  Other scouts I know of in other troops did those projects just fine.  Nope, they wanted us to buy a flag pole.
But the time came and went and my son passed the deadline to get his Eagle.
I’m pissed.
Now my other sons are having other problems with the BSA… and they are no longer enjoying the program here.  I’m just done with the BSA.  And that makes me very sad.

(There was a little Change in the local BSA leadership all the sudden. This may be a good thing.)