AR-15, Ergo Grip

On my Facebook page, I have a picture of me hold my AR-15 rifle.  Here it is:

The most common question that I’ve been getting isn’t about the gun, the sights, the sling or stock… or the “Man, looks like you lost some weight!”  No, the question has been hitting me up the most is about the pistol grip.    Yes, it’s a simple hardened rubber grip from Ergo Grip.   Nothing fancy.  No storage in the hollow cavity.  Just a simple grip.

“But why?”

Because I like it.  I don’t need my pistol grip to be a Modular System.  I don’t need it to do anything.  I just want a good feeling pistol grip to hold on to when I’m shooting my rifle.  Because that’s what it’s for. No, it’s not MagPul and I know MP now has a new Rubber Coated MOE grip… and its fine.  I just like the Ergo better.  And it’s 10 bucks less.

This also comes as a change of ideology with me.  I used to be a big fan of “On Gun Storage” for things like spare batteries and maybe a small bottle of gun oil.  (Not that I need it since I use Slipstream) or maybe even a spare firing pin or whatever.  I’m not anymore.  Most guys like me, Gear Whores, will wear more than enough pouches and bags and even pouches for bags… that we can carry more than enough stuff so we don’t have to put it in our gun so we don’t lose it.  I’m at the point now where I don’t want anything on my gun that I don’t absolutely have to have.  If the batteries are not connected to anything vital, I don’t want them in my gun.  That goes for other spare parts.  I can keep that stuff in a pouch and leave my gun lighter and easier to use.  Especially if I’m rocking a Single Point Sling.  I don’t need the extra weight cutting into my neck.

Back to the grip.  The main reason I’m not using a standard A1 style pistol grip is that they are too small for my hands.  When I grab the grip, my finger goes all the way around the trigger and I can touch the receiver.  I need more space at the backstrap to put my finger tip on the trigger where I want it.  The Ergo grip does just that and feels good in the hand.  I can shoot more comfortably with it in different positions, because it feels like I have better control of the weapon.  This is what it’s all about.


10 thoughts on “AR-15, Ergo Grip”

  1. First thing I’ve done with any of my rifles that come with an A2 grip is replace it. Just can’t stand it and even the cheapest aftermarket option is far superior.

  2. You don’t have a Magpul grip, George? And mismatched furniture, too. Tsk. However will you attend the zombie apocalypse with a rifle so … gauche?

    On a serious note, though, what’s the handguard?

  3. I have to agree, of the many deficiencies with the M16 design, the grip was in the top 5 for me. It just never felt right in my hand; good to know ergo grips work well. I still prefer traditional stocks; I think the feel more natural, and are more accommodating of different hand sizes.

  4. I also prefer the Ergo grip. Originally had standard pistol grip and switched to Tango Down grip but once I tried the Ergo grip I ended up sticking with it. The bcm grip interests me though.

  5. For my Ninja-blaster I got the Magpul MIAD grip with the fat-back palmswell to make it as big as possible and I like the contour – I don’t use it to carry anything but a hex-key for the Aimpoint rings and another hex-key for the forward sling-mount. My Match Rifle has the A2 grip because it’s an NRA across-the-course gun and that’s the rules.

  6. The first thing i changed on my issued AR-15 (thats what it said on the reciever) when i was deployed was to change that horrible grip. This also begs the question, why does every “tactical” rifle nowdays HAVE to have that stupid A2 grip?

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