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The Tudors

The Tudors has become my guilty pleasure.  The HBO production is absolutely amazing in it’s depth and detail.  Very historically accurate as well.  It makes King Henry VIII seem quite sympathetic. Which is a good thing considering he is a great grandfather of mine.  Yes my family had a castle until relatively recently.  Anyways. The show is incredible. The casting and the acting is fantastic.  So is the costumes.  You can see why Henry went through so many wives.  The scenes with the actress that played Anne, that Cute nose and smirk of hers… As Spock would say, fascinating.

Sons of Anarchy

There is a show I’ve been following on Hulu. I’m sure anyone reading MO has at least heard of it. I don’t normally go for this type of show… but I really dig SOA. The Club and their round about way of problem solving is interesting. The last episode I watched, one is reminded why these guys are an Outlaw Biker Gang… the murder of Agent June Stahl was a rather shocking conclusion to the character. Yet the story unfolded that this was an overall good thing. Something bad, done for a good reason.

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