The Tudors

The Tudors has become my guilty pleasure.  The HBO production is absolutely amazing in it’s depth and detail.  Very historically accurate as well.  It makes King Henry VIII seem quite sympathetic. Which is a good thing considering he is a great grandfather of mine.  Yes my family had a castle until relatively recently.  Anyways. The show is incredible. The casting and the acting is fantastic.  So is the costumes.  You can see why Henry went through so many wives.  The scenes with the actress that played Anne, that Cute nose and smirk of hers… As Spock would say, fascinating.

14 thoughts on “The Tudors”

  1. Tudors is good stuff.
    Only problem for me is Henry’s age.
    He is a hunky young 30-something on TV, in reality he was in his early 40’s when he divorced Catherine of Aragon.


    1. Well, they tried to make him look older by coming in hair color to try to make it look like he was going gray. Didn’t really work.

  2. Didn’t the show get canceled for the second season, thought I read that costs and viewers didn’t work out. Same as Rome, which was and still is one of my favorite HBO’s.

  3. There are at least 3 seasons to The Tudors, and maybe a 4th at some point.

    The Aulde English really knew how to put on an execution, didn’t they? I recall the episode where Thomas More is martyred, and King Henry, his old friend, sits fretting about his friend Thomas’ death sentence for treason. Deciding his friendship overrules the court’s sentence, he commutes the sentence to … beheading. That really was being a friend, because the original sentence was for a traitor’s death to be carried out (see the end scene of Braveheart).

  4. There were 4 full seasons. For a history nerd like me, this show was like crack. The subsequent series by Showtime, The Borgias wasn’t nearly as good in my opinion.
    The actress who played Anne Boleyn, Natalie Dormer, has a bit part in Captain America.

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