The passing of a Villain

safe_image So Sarah Brady has finally kicked the bucket.  I can’t really say that I care one way or another.  She was a Villain of the Constitution.  She took a tragedy in her life, and twisted it into a weapon to use against millions of others to hurt them and hinder them.  She’s been a pain in our collective asses for decades now.  But let’s not start singing Ding Dong The Witch is Dead…

madame-medusa-rescuersShe even looks the part of a villain. Right out of a Disney movie.  I don’t feel enough one way or another about her passing to get worked up.   I feel indifferent.  Completely indifferent.  Some are cheering.  Some are passing around high fives.    I just don’t care.  Here’s my prediction though.  Come Monday, there’s going to be flags flown at half staff and Sarah Brady will be granted Sainthood by the Liberal Left.  There will be long speeches about what a fantastic person she was.  Much like Chi.  I also predict Gabby Giffords will be crowned the Heir to this Legacy.   Buckle up for a new Gun Control surge – in her memory.

You can 3D Print a Heavy Caliber Gun.

In San Francisco, an AR-15 is a “Heavy Caliber Gun”.

capture17First off… What is a Heavy Caliber Gun?  A .45-70?  .50 BMG?  40mm Bofors?   If I hear “heavy caliber” I’m thinking of Artillery or something Anti-Tank.  So I was thinking “3D Print some Artillery?  I’m in!”  And then I clicked the link.
I am sorely disappointed.  5.56mm and .223 are a .22 Caliber… that is not by any means a “heavy caliber”.  Maybe if your targets are Chipmunks.  Maybe.
I should have known though… The source is CBS out of San Fran… Every Caliber is a Heavy Caliber.
No one tell them that you can get an AR type rifle in .308.  They would shit themselves until they died.
Quick – someone tell them that you can get an AR type rifle in .308!