Strange Dreams.

For some time I’ve had a recurring dream.  I pull up to the back of a cafe, get of the truck, go to the back of it and pull out the 50 pound back of flour and carry it inside.  Inside, my oldest son is mixing up bread dough.   Other family members are chopping and prepping, while my wife is rolling dough and cutting out chunks to be made into buns, and crusts.  We have a hand made old fashioned brick oven that we use for baking burger buns, breads and pizza.     The joint is called “The Fat Ogre’s” and the signature dishes are “The Epic Burger” and “The Monster Pizza”.

I have never wanted to work in the food industry, so the dream is strange.  But I could probably do it for real.  I do make some freaking epic burgers.  Grilled, not fried.  Just sayin.   I’m a foodie… always have been.  I bet I could make it win.   Not that I am planning a career change any time soon… but Vernal really could use a good destination type eatery.

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