I hope he wins.

So the other day I was sitting at a red light.  A dude on a Harley Sportster 1200 pulls up.  I didn’t even have to look over to know what he was riding, because it’s obnoxiously loud pipes announced his approach from a block away.

I look over and nod, and he takes it like a challenge.  So this was really all my fault.  He nods and then nods at the light and gives some revs.   Yeah, okay.  I’ll throw it down.  It’s a short squirt to the next light.  No big deal.  I watched the light on the other direction… it went yellow.  The dude on the Hog starts revving like crazy.  Then it goes red and I get ready.

Green light.  Throttle, Clutch.  Only one gear change and I had to shut it down, because I had already won.  I had a great launch.  I looked in the mirror and the Hog came up on me.

I looked at my bike and said, “That’s a quick machine.”  Then he road off.  He comes back yesterday as I’m going to lunch.  Dude is sitting out there on a V-Rod.  “We’ll see what happens next time.”  Then he pulls out and disappears.  I’m thinking, “Oh come on.  That bike is 17 Grand.  My bike was 25 Hundred!”   The V-Rod is a nice bike… and I’m sure it would win.  But the guy has to throw that much hardware at me because I smoked him once?  I’m not into drag racing, and I’m not going to play anymore.  I think my point was already proven.

I didn’t get this bike because it was fast.   That’s not why I wanted a motorcycle at all.  And I’m not emotionally attached to this specific bike and I don’t hang my identity on it (or any of my guns) but I do like it.    I’ve already had offers to buy it.  But I’m not selling.  I would be willing to trade it (straight across) for a Harley… one with a bigger fuel tank.  But it would have to have some nice pipes to keep the exhaust note mellow.  I don’t need the entire valley knowing that I just fired up my bike.  Other than that, I’m keeping this one.  At least through the summer… because I think I’ll go for a bigger bike later.  Not a huge one.  No VTX 1800’s.  Something that can Freeway at a more relaxed RPM, with enough fuel to get me to Salt Lake without having to stop in Duchesne and Heber for top offs.

8 thoughts on “I hope he wins.”

  1. Geeze, there’s a guy who’s ego is way too wrapped up in what he’s riding.

    I wonder though; what he’d do if the next time he saw you, you were on a V-Max or something.

    1. I so miss smoking these people with my V-Max. Upset quite a few 600-750 crotch rocket owners in the stop light to stop light derby’s too.

  2. A few years ago one of my friends had the same experience as you did Ogre. He owns a ’95 Magna, and his coworkder challenged him to drag race with his Sporster 1200 (with Screaming Eagle kit). My friend beat him repeatedly by a few bike lengths.

  3. Geez George, how old are you? I used to do that crap when I was 19-20 when I was stationed at Myrtle Beach…and nearly killed myself a few times. Once I wanted to see how fast I could make my odometer spin…not the smartest thing I have ever done. I guess since my testosterone levels have dropped to nearly nothing I’m thinking like a rational woman, not a guy full of machismo. Just be safe as I don’t like to see my friends get hurt or killed. I’ve already had more than enough get killed in combat, I don’t want another go down because of street racing.

    1. A little blast from one stoplight to the next might not even involve breaking the speed limit (or not breaking it more than a usual amount) out in the wilds of Utah.

  4. My VFR has more power than any other bike I’ve ever owned, and probably more than I’ll really ‘need’. BUT, I’ve been in the position of needing to get the hell out of the way of/the middle of something and not having sufficient power; more than I might ‘need’ is very comforting at times.

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