Magna Impressions

The VF750C Magna is a great machine.  I’ve missed that V-4 engine since I sold my last Magna.  The other bikes I had after it just didn’t quite have the same mojo.  And by mojo, I mean power band.  It’s wide power band lets the bike pull in every gear without working it.  It’s not anxious, there’s nothing frantic about it.  It’s comfortable cruising in town, and blasting down the highway.  I do wish it had one more gear on the tall end, but it’s no big deal because the RPM’s go quite high.

Filled up the tank, 9 bucks.  Vehicle Inspection, 9 bucks.  Insurance, 17 bucks.

This kind a cheap to live with cost is awesome.  Tax on the bike to get the new plates was 150 bucks, but I expected that.   I’m completely and utter broke now, but everything’s golden and I have a full tank that’s going to get me to work for a week.  My truck, to fill up the gas tank for a week, almost a hundred bucks.

To ride… through the twists, along the straights… relaxed… chillin in the saddle… Guys… Guys… Guys… Why the hell did I wait so long to get another bike?

I still need to get some decent leathers, a brain bucket, and good gloves before I do any long range riding.   I am going to be eating PBJ’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next two weeks.  Worth it.  And with reports of gas going up to 6 bucks a gallon – I am very glad I got this bike now.  The news reports recently mentioned that with gas prices going up, more and more people are getting motorcycles and scooters.  So if you guys want a good used bike – get one now before they are all gone.

Okay, this is the last post about me gushing about bikes for awhile.  This isn’t a bike blog… It’s a gun blog.  Gun Content will resume shortly.

11 thoughts on “Magna Impressions”

  1. Man, I really miss riding bikes and now you’re killing me with your new girl. I would love to get another bike (and Bonnie is even cool with it, but she won’t let me get a Dodge Viper for some reason…) but unfortunately my back & hips just couldn’t survive even 5 minutes. I’m still having a hard time letting go as I still have my helmet and tank bag (gotta have the tank bag) with a road map of northern Japan still showing through the clear map compartment. Come to think of it, I’m baffled how I’m still alive from all of the dumb stuff I did on bikes…

    1. Bike, yes. Sports car, no?
      I don’t get it. Well, a Viper is a lot more spendy. My leg is bad enough, I couldn’t ride if it was worse, like your situation. My leg though is enough that it made me really consider if I should be riding or not. My alternative plan was to get a Mustang or something fun.
      But I’m glad I got the bike. Even if it’s painful to get the kickstand up and down.

      I still don’t have a helmet, I looked at some at the bike shop. I can’t decide to do a skull cap type or a full face helmet.

      1. Full face.
        I hear better with a full face, and well… I had a wasp hit me in the forehead.
        When I ride, its rain or shine. Rain feels a lot better when it isnt trying to peel the skin off of your face.


      2. Man-there’s no decision: full-face helmet! Also good jacket and good gloves any time you ride. Not to bore you with details, but I feel about bike safety equipment the way I feel about “The Four Rules” and so should you. Life is wonderful and amazing, and a good ride can remind you of that. It’s also fragile. Isn’t that why we carry and why we practice? Ride alert, ride well equipped, and I’ll read your occasional bike posts and think “You lucky SOB” .

      3. I imagine you will need both.

        Sometimes the weather is so hot that riding on a motorcycle is like riding inside a hairdryer with full heat. Full face is more comfortable in those conditions IMHO, even with the windscreen I see on your scoot.

        Half helmet the rest of the time with a good pair (2) of goggles. One clear for night and one tinted for sunny days. That way you don’t have to worry about your shades flying off your face when you do a head check and they fully protect your eyes if you get caught in driving rain.

  2. Stay safe on the bike Ogre! I ride my StreetBob to word damn near every day, really saves on gas.

    Friend of mine had a Magna at one point, that thing was a blast to ride.

  3. Just makes sure your bike has an appropriate sound suppressor. I live in a valley with a biker bar up the street, and the fad seems to be to make the bike as loud as humanly possible, then sit in the parking lot revving the engine at 12am.

    Don’t be that guy.

  4. You’ll love that V4(although I guess you know that from owning one already). Took a buddies Magna for a spin once, it lacked the unrelenting power of the V-Max I had some years ago, but still showed how versatile the V4 is. Gobs of torque like a V twin and revs more like an inline.

    Now I gotta go search Craigslist for a summer beater…That or make one last ditch effort to get my uncle to sell me his Commando.

  5. Last two helmets have been HJC, a Symax and the current IS-Max. Full-face, but the chin bar swings up, it’s the only full-face my glasses fit comfortably under. AND the newer models have a sunshield that swings down inside the face shield, no more sunglasses!

    If you’re a “Have to have the phone handy” type, the IS-Max has a space in the helmet specifically to fit your Bluetooth headset. I don’t have one, I just happened to find this helmet on sale for a very good price, so…

    Also, get on the e-mail sale list for places like Bike Bandit, lately can find some very good sales. I wound up with a mesh jacket recently that way; son had strongly recommended one for protection. One I got was on sale for $65, has armor in the forearms, elbows, shoulders and over the spine. Take out the windproof liner and it’s almost like no jacket at all when you’re moving.

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