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The X Diavel S is one of the most unique bikes on the market.  It’s Ducati’s first and only cruiser… and really the only thing out there to compete is/was the HarleyV-Rod.  But HD has killed the V-Rod… Because Harley is stupid.  And really, the X Diavel just crushes the V-Rod anyways, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Let me give you my impression of the X Diavel S here.   It is Jack The Riper on two wheels.

On one hand, the bike is surgically precise.  It handles fantastically well thanks to it’s heritage and engineering… you are not going to be disappointed here.  And oddly enough, thanks to the wide Drag Bars, it gives you a lot a of leverage that makes it’s handling feel Sport Bike Light.  You can pitch it into a curve with little more effort than a thought, and the bike tracks like a guided missile… until you tell it to go a different direction and then it eagerly flicks over to take the new heading.  Now, it doesn’t flick as quickly as a sport bike… but it does flick easily, like a sport bike.  There’s a difference.  And it’s not a bad one.  The X Diavel can carve through an Apex like a clean cut with a scalpel.   Like I said before… Surgical.

On the other hand, this bike is shockingly savage… offering no quarter. Brutal and merciless.  It accelerates harder than anything else I’ve ever experienced… and I’ve ridden pretty much all of the most powerful bikes on the market now.   But nothing is like this bike in Sport Mode and using the Launch Control.  Judas Priest… This thing is insane.  It will pull your eyeballs out of your ear holes.   Thanks to the well designed seat, it will keep your ass from sliding off the back.   Pro Tip on the Launch Control:  Hold on tight and grit your teeth.   Because… Damn.   Just trust me on that.

The three ride modes are interesting. Urban mode is the softest and most mild.  Don’t use it.  That’s not what you bought this bike for. But if anyone else is going to ride it – put it in Urban.  Or if it’s raining. That’s the only reason to ever use Urban Mode.   Now, Touring Mode is where you want to be most of the time.  Because it just makes sense.  Not sure why they called it “Touring Mode”… But this is where you want to keep it.  It’s the medium setting.   It’s the every day setting.  Sport Mode?  Sport Mode is the Axe Murderer setting.  It gives you all the power the bike has, all at once.  It also sets the suspension to its stiffest… most kidney and spine abusing. You will feel every bump. Hard. Sport Mode turns the bike from a power cruiser, into a weaponized cruise missile.  Don’t use this when you just want to go fast… Use this on Track Day.    Again – just trust me on this.  Seriously.   Your kidneys and your license with thank you.

This bike isn’t for everyone. It’s not even for most experienced riders out there.  This bike is for those who want a cool comfortable cruiser, but just needs… More.  More of everything.  More speed.  More power.   More passion.  More fury.   This is for guys who turn off alarm clocks with hammers.   This bike is for those guys.

9 thoughts on “Ducati X Diavel S”

  1. Very radical design & styling, I’ve not seen anything like it before. The tank does look a little small but it does fit the aggressive look.

    1. The tank is a bit small… But then again, this is a cruiser and not a touring bike. So it’s fine.
      The saddle is comfy, but after an hour, you want to stop and walk a bit anyway. So it’s fine. Range is about 150 miles, from what I’ve observed, so it’s enough to cross most wide open spaces without needing a fuel can.
      I REALLY like this bike.

  2. I have loved those since their release however after owning a BMW r1200r I don’t think I would buy one. There is just no wind protection and after having rode the BMW around the DC beltway I can see the value of something bigger than the standard fly screen…

    I still really love the lines on that bike though…

    1. You can easily put a windscreen on these. And with even a small one, it’s surprising how well they do at freeway speed.

  3. I would like to hear your take on new riders and what you see- the average age of riders has been steadily increasing, the bikes are getting more expensive and complex- the feeling I am getting is the kids (yes, I can say that, I am an old codger) are gravitating toward simpler, less complicated machines more like the new ducati scrambler and triumph street twin- and a lot of them are making cool customs, but based on smaller engines than the big harley custom craze- stuff like old BSA 650’s, mid 70’s jap multis, etc. Do you see this sort of thing where you are?

  4. Haven’t seen you post anything for a while. I have been following your blog for years and enjoyed it immensely and learned a few things along the way as well. Hope all is well. No response or explanation necessary, particularly for some random Joe like me. God bless.

    1. I had planned on taking a break through December, and get back to it in January. But I’ve been rather busy. However, I’ve got some posts planned. In fact, I’m trying something out right now that I am going to write a review on.

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