2016 BMW R1200R

Edit: Some folks have asked what boots I’m wearing. Icon 1000 “Elsinore”, from Revzilla. They are badass. But they are based on a Motocross type boot, so they are stiff and not great to walk around in.

2016 BMW R1200R. Just a simple standard motorcycle, done very well.  Just a wonderful motorcycle.  Let me tell you why…

Very comfortable, with an easy upright position, mid, to slightly rear sets on the foot controls that is comfortable but just back enough to be sporty.  The seat is good for several hours in the saddle at a time without causing any pain in the buttocks.   The mirrors are actually usable, and stay put and stable at speed.

But really, this bike is all about that engine.  That classic BMW Boxer 1200.  It’s rolling on 125 horses that are packing 92 pounds of torque.  And that is a lot of power in what is really a small-ish bike. What’s great about it though is the way BMW has made all that power very accessible and controllable.   There are three riding modes for the traction control and suspension.  Rain, Road, and Dynamic.  Dynamic is the fun mode.  Like all BMW’s now, ABS is standard of course.

But there’s more to the engine than just numbers.  The engine can be lugged, and you can just put put put around at low speeds… and if you want to go fast… This bike is fully FAST capable.

The brakes are very good.  With the ABS system that works as well as this one does.  Highway Speed to Full Stop under Death Grip Brake Stomp happens very suddenly, but with no drama, no skittering and nothing unexpected.  The bike just comes to a well controlled stop.

The suspension is excellent.  It takes in all irregularities and small bumps and turn them into distant miles behind you.  The bike is very composed when the tarmac is less than perfect.   Even in turns, under acceleration.

14642494_10209656302817772_8758185170773246197_nThe R1200R is all about Competence.  The bike just does everything well, without being flashy.  It has no flair that might draw unwanted attention or get you accused of being a showboat.  The R1200R is subtle in being awesome.    It’s so subtle in fact that it garners very little attention in the motorcycle press.  And in the showroom it’s one that is often overlooked and passed by, by those who’s eyes are caught by the more flashy of bikes.  It might be the Big Brother to the  R Nine T series, which might look more trendy and hip.  Especially the R Nine T Scrambler… which is just amazing looking.  But the R1200R should be the one you look at first.  The R1200R has the better tech, and while it’s a similar 1200 Boxer to the Nine T series, this version is tuned to higher output thanks to the liquid cooling.  Which makes it far more versatile for long range riding, more spirited riding, and lower maintenance.


When you are on a truly great bike, you can tell because the ride is about the ride and the bike becomes transparent.  You don’t think about the bike anymore and all your attention is on the ride.  And that’s what this bike does… It disappears when you get rolling and all you are thinking about is the road ahead.  This is a beautiful thing.

BMW is most impressive with the engineering they’ve put into this machine.  The quick shifter system, the switch gear, the GPS ready set up, the keyless ignition, the heated grips…  And the simple menu system that only took a moment to figure out without having to pull out the manual.  This bike makes my old ZX-11 look like it was from the Bronze Age.

4 thoughts on “2016 BMW R1200R”

  1. Many bikes, but never a beemer.
    Shaft drive- me likes.
    Centerstand? who has those anymore? just makes too much sense.
    Crossover pipes on single muffler motorcycles? Never really got that one…
    Smacking down 14 large for (any) new motorcycle?
    Can’t do it, when I think about how far that would go toward mortgage, storable food, ammo and hardening the fort.
    Times are uncertain…
    But I love that you’re getting into the motorcycle industry. looking forward to much stimulating discussion regarding all things two-wheeled: the only thing that could have made your site better…

    1. The Price is a concern for a lot of folks… But this is a premium brand and for those who appreciate the finer things – Pretty much BMW is the top of the charts. And 18 large (Yeah, it’s 18) is for brand new… Give it a few years and this bike will be on the used market for a much more reasonable price point. Like BMW cars – you do pay a premium for them. But if you want the best… when it comes to bikes, BMW is the ticket. Absolutely.
      But look at the Triumph Thruxton R. Its 14 Grand. But you have to look at what you are getting. Compared to the standard Thrusty, which is about 12 grand…. Is that R spec worth two grand? For some folks… no. For some others – it’s worth every penny.
      BMW’s are worth every penny, to some. High priced for others.
      But still… Even at 18 grand that’s a lot less than most Harley’s and this is far more bike for the money than those Harley’s.

  2. Exactly. Harleys and Indians and all of that ilk aren’t even on the same page as the R1200R . I don’t ride anymore but if I did that bike would be a serious contender for my money.

  3. BMW. First bike I owned (and USED) was an R50 with the Earle’s forks. Commuted on that thing for two years on a 30 mile one way trip and finally gave it up when I started realizing that I was seeing at least one minor accident per week on a bridge that I had to use.
    Ducati(s). Sid Tunstall built me my second bike, a slightly detuned version of his vintage racer, a ’67 350cc MKIII Diana. That sucker took me up to 130mph one night, and had more left but I suddenly thought about how long I would slide if something went wrong so I slowed down to a more reasonable speed. The cops who pulled up as I was waiting for the light to change were kind of upset because they hadn’t been able to get a radar lock on me as I went down the highway.
    Sid’s son, Malcolm, later brought a RED ’88 750 Paeso that scared me off bikes forever(or until I find another bike I’m comfortable with). The Paeso would do 55 in 1st gear at 6000rpm and was redlined at 9000rpm. I still have the Paeso in storage, heh, heh,
    Good luck on your new venture.

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