AR Pistol Project, “Kahlan”.


Built for me by a friend off an Anderson lower, and sports an 7.5″ Barrel, M.I. Handguard, Noveske KX5 Flaming Pig, Ergo Grip, Shockwave Blade Wrist Brace.
The Lucid will be replaced with something smaller and lighter so it can be returned to it’s normal home on a different AR.
Overall, I am quite pleased with the little AR.  It’s been proven to be an absolute tack driver.  I’ve not shot it yet with this muzzle device, so we’ll have to wait and see how she shoots now.  Same barrel, but different Barrel Nut, Different Muzzle Device, and different hand guards can all make significant differences.  I still need Iron Sights, and I’m going to need an AFG or some hand stops of some sort.


Should a hand slip forward of the guard… That could be trouble.  So that will have to be prevented.  But I do like the snub-nosed look.
I want the MagPul Pro flip up sights on here, because not only are they great, but they are very compact.  I don’t want a lot of stuff on this piece.  I want it simple, but effective.  So everything will be as minimal as possible.

9 thoughts on “AR Pistol Project, “Kahlan”.”

  1. How do you like that Anderson lower? I’ve been reading up on them and while most reviews I read are good, I’ve heard their pistol grip screw might not be “mil-spec” and require a shorter screw than normal? The other criticism I’ve heard is that on some of them pmags don’t drop free, but a friend of mine has a Daniel Defense that won’t drop pmags, and no one bad mouths them. Are you gonna SBR it or leave it as a pistol?

      1. No, it’s not a dumb question at all. Because being a Pistol, there are limitations. Such as I can have an AFG on it, but a VFG would turn me into a felon. Stupid things like that.
        So ultimately, the Blade Brace is temporary and one day I’ll officially and legally SBR it.

        As to the Anderson Lower, yes, you have to get a different grip screw than normal. But other than that, I’ve had zero problems with it. Which is good. Because I’ve got two other Anderson Lowers – Transfered to me as Pistols – for future builds.

  2. I may be.ignorant on this, but isn’t that a long forend for a 7.5″ barrel? Or is a suppressor going to live there permanently?

  3. I used to roll my eyes at AR pistols – noisy toys and such. After owning a couple, I’ve come to appreciate the compact firepower. Looks like a nice build.

  4. I used to think they were a joke. I guess its because I remembered the Tec9. Now that mine is almost finished (its in a functioning state but not quite how I want it) I am real impressed with the platform.

  5. Nice looking build, and similar to something I’m considering. What length rail is that, to give the snub-nosed look with the 7.5″ barrel and muzzle device? 10″?
    You’ve commented elsewhere about ditching quad-rails and going with M-Lok or keymod; here you’ve gone keymod. Any advantages to one system over the other, in your experience, or is it a matter of personal preference, based on the particular handguards and accessories available? For instance, the AFG you’re talking about is available for direct install on an M-lok rail, but would require a pic rail mounted to the keymod for installation (as far as I can figure out). Is this a difference even worth wasting time considering?

    1. I like MLok better – but found this rail at a gunshow for 45 bucks.
      I decided against the AFG. I don’t need it. I’m going to put some stops on it to prevent my hand from sliding forward past the end – and that’s it.

    2. The difference between Keymod and M-Lok seems to be that nobody talks about an M-Lok attachment coming loose, causing them to drop an expensive rifle. That, and if buying new, M-Lok tends to be slightly less expensive due to less complex machining.

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