Your Gun is Useless

That cool 2000 dollar rifle you bought.  Useless.  That pistol you bought that was all the rage on the internet… Useless.  What you bought is a very expensive Safe Ornament.

No matter how good that gun is… It’s as useless as tits on a warthog. Unless you have spare magazines for it.  Ammunition for it.  A ready kit to carry loaded magazines.   And unless you have trained with it.

There’s a reason that the Army and the Marines drill their people on Disassembly and Reassembly.   Do you know how to strip that new weapon down, and reassemble it?   Can you do that in the dark?  Do you even know your weapon?

I know a couple guys that have bought very nice, high quality arms… and they’ve done nothing with other than to remove it from the box and put it in the safe…. and they brag about having it.   Dude, you don’t have anything.   You don’t even own a Cartridge for it… you have nothing.

Take that gun out… Get to know it.   Train with it.

ADDENDUM:  I’m not talking about Collector guns, Collectors, or guns bought as investments.  So Investors and Collectors – don’t get your panties in a twist, this wasn’t about you.

15 thoughts on “Your Gun is Useless”

  1. Amen, Brother.
    If I had a nickel for every guy I’ve known with a “great” rifle or pistol that they’ve never run a full magazine through; I’d buy a case of ammo and run the shit out of my old Bushmaster.

  2. A-freaking-men!

    My uncle (Mama Raptor’s brother-in-law) bought an AR-15 back during the post-Sandy Hook panic. To the best of my knowledge, he’s never taken it to the range. I doubt he even knows how to load and fire it. Heck, when we were down visiting them this past Christmas, he got it out of the safe and showed it to me. I shouldered it, and extended the stock to make the LOP more comfortable. He had no idea that you could extend the stock.

    Yes. You read that correctly.

    What’s worse is that he and my aunt are all over Mama Raptor about how she needs to buy one and learn how to use it because Hillary’s gonna ban them and BLM’s gonna riot and burn all our houses down and blah blah blah. Makes me want to smack my head into the wall until I can’t feel anything.

    And I can’t even say it’s a nice AR: it’s an old DPMS flat-top carbine with a non-freefloat bull barrel and a cheap off-brand 4-12x power scope (in Uncle’s defense, the scope came with the rifle).

  3. I love the guys that have the gun but no ammo, or just a mag full. Or have a odd ball round that is HsF to fine, other than ordering online.

    1. Then order online… That is no problem for those who don’t mind doing it. In fact, it opens up a lot of possibilities for guys who live 100 miles from the nearest GOOD gun store.

  4. Kind of describes me for the past few years. I used to shoot at least once a week.
    Got lazy I guess.

        1. It was filled with extreme pain that lead to a trip to the hospital. LOL.
          But I’m still here… so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

  5. Every firearm that I own gets shot, even the ones that are more delicate (G43) than others and those get reduced reloads to keep the chances low of expensive parts breakage. Hell the most expensive gun I own, my FG42, I shoot the snot out of because it’s just too fun. I haven’t shot my LAR Grizzly .45 Win Mag much mainly because I’m low on brass to reload with…but it still gets shot from time to time.

  6. Man, I wish you still did movie reviews. I would have loved to see what you think of Keeanu’s fancy Center Axis Relock gunslinging style in John Wick. I’ve heard of CAR people being banned from the range because the staff thought it was “gangsta style”, lol. Although technically I think it has problems on most ranges because it’s a bladed stance so the gun doesn’t extend past the line…

      1. How about The Raid? That was pretty gun crazy. But I’d really love a review of 99&44/100% Dead, with Richard Harris and his dual Hi-Powers with roses and chrysanthemums on the grips, and the scene where he rapid-fires one with the finger of the opposite hand… I don’t think he ever dual-wields them together, thank God, but, then he goes and dual-wields one with a Madsen M50!

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