AR’s in California

The Bullet Button “Reloaded” – Inventor Offers New (Likely) Compliant Offering

Okay, now I love the “let’s find a work around” problem solving to California’s asinine new laws.  But at some point you just gotta say screw this and just move to a different weapon platform that doesn’t have these compliance issues.   That point for me was at the 2 minute mark of the Bullet Button Reloaded product video.  Disassembling your gun so you can reload… no… Just no.   California doesn’t want you have an AR – Fine.  Sell it to someone in Nevada, Arizona, or Utah.    Or don’t.  Keep it.  Bury it in an oil bath so it’s forever protected from the elements, and then some day when the Liberals all die and you guys can FINALLY vote in someone with both cerebral hemispheres fully functional…. Estimated in the year 2055… Then you can pull that AR-15 out and shoot it like Eugene Stoner intended.

Either way… You are going to need an alternative firearm.  And if they don’t want you to have Capacity – Go with more Caliber.

My first suggestion is Go Gauge.  12 Gauge.  Here’s my Top 10 suggestions – these 10 being in no particular order.  It’s a mix of Semi-Autos and Pump Actions, with a Side by Side Double… because it’s a badass Gauge.

1. Beretta 1301.
2. Benelli M’s 2 through 4.
3. Benelli Super Nova Tactical.
4. Remington 870 Tactical.
5. Mossberg 590A1.
6. FN SLP.
7. Mossberg 930SPX.
8. Kel-Tec KSG.
9. Remington Versa-Max Tactical.
10. Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme.

Next suggestion would be a Lever Action.  They can be fired quickly and accurately.
Ideally, a Pistol Caliber Lever Action on the Winchester 92 pattern.   Rossi actually makes a very good starting point with their M92 guns. Go with the 20″ barrel, and go with either the .357 Magnum/.38 Special option or the .44 Mag Option.   In 16″, get the .357 Magnum.

In Rifle Calibers, .30-30 really is a fantastic cartridge, even after all these years.   The ammunition available now really makes a difference in terminal ballistics on the target.  Remington Hog Hunter ammunition is just flat out ferocious.
You can find an old used Winchester 94 that’s not too valuable… A Marlin 336 type, or a Mossberg 464… Having owned several Winchesters and Marlins… I am really quite pleased with the Mossberg 464.  The 464 SPX is quite ugly… but gives you a 16″ barrel, adjustable stock, and a threaded barrel on some versions.  Decent sights and the ability to easily install an optic.

If you really want to give California a Middle Finger – Go with a Lever Action in .45-70.  These are not the Shoulder Breakers that Safe Zone Navigators say it is.  You can easily learned to manage the recoil and you will find it quite easy to do so.    Your AR fires a 55 grain bullet… HA!  .45-70 can fire loads up in the 500 grain weight class.   It just shoots wrecking balls.  Because you CAN.

Or you can opt for a Bolt Action and embrace the concept of the Scout Rifle.  But there are few bolt actions that I find interesting, so I wont recommend any of those…. Save for old Enfield Mil-Surps with 10 round magazines and they can be quickly reloaded via Striper Clips.    Ruger and Savage make great off the shelf Scouts.  Or make your own.  They do make for fun projects.

But seriously though – you guys need to overthrow that State Government you have.  Not violently, of course, but at the ballot box.  Vote out everyone that supported this ban, at every level.  From State Reps, School Boards, City Councils, all the way up to the Governor who signed this Constitutional Travesty.
You guys have my sympathy.  Good luck.

NOTE:  No, I didn’t mention the M1 Garand.  Because those are big and heavy and we’re talking Carbine replacements here.   But yes, they are always awesome.


21 thoughts on “AR’s in California”

  1. I’m not 100% sure but I believe that CA also has an ammunition issue as it has to be lead-free and finding a place that sells “green” ammo in some calibers is difficult and expensive.

  2. I think you’re being optimistic about the 2055 date.
    Gun owners there need to freeze themselves for at least
    2000 years.
    Or move.

    1. I’m hoping The Old Ones will rise up in the Oceans and devour all the heavy Liberal populations along the coast… and then slide back into the water, sated and heading back to slumber.

  3. I liked Barrett Firearms’ solution. Rechamber their .50 cal firearms in .416, and only sell to CA civilians.

    But yea, at some point they need to say to gun controllers: “No. Your move.”

    Buring firearms is not a solution. Stalin, on being told that Ukrainians were burying firearms, was reported to have said: “Good. If they are buried, they cannot be used.”

  4. I think California is in the process of turning itself into the largest “gun free zone” in the country. The poster child for the “assault weapon” has always been the AR – 15 or the AK-47, depending on the stock image on hand. Having effectively banned the gun itself they will simply move on to the next brick in the wall, be it handguns or ammunition or whatever else they can dream up besides an outright ban. If they could ignore the second amendment entirely they would do so in a heartbeat. Adios California.

    1. Funny when you are old enough to remember when it was the EVIL handgun that had to be banned NOW! Instead of rifles. I suspect because the criminal government has realized that the new war will not be fought with pistols and is afraid.

  5. I’m partial to Mike Vanderbough’s solution to the problem, but that’s a choice folks gotta make for themselves — Defy. Resist. Evade. Smuggle! Nevada isn’t that far — get a P.O. box for bulk ammo orders. Or 80% receivers, if you care. Til the day comes a Cali Border Patrol is popping trunks on incoming vehicles from adjoining states, screw ’em. And then it’s cross-country via ATV,
    California is my Birth-state. I’m unlucky enough to have landed in the People’s Dem. Rep. of Md., And not enough income to bail to a “Free State”, where ever.
    So forgive an old man wishing to see tyrants receive a come-uppence in what was a Free Country when I was growing up.
    God, I miss it so…..

    1. And California Law Enforcement will take everyone down one at a time.
      Putting them on the news.
      Making examples of them.
      And then everyone else will cave in and turn everything in.

      1. Oh don’t know about that Ogre, NY has 12% compliance with the new gun laws and Colorado has 19% and that’s in states with complete gun sales lists of all buyers. I suspect the American people have obeyed their last gun law…

    2. I can empathize…I grew up in CT and haven’t lived there since December 1990 when I joined the military. Back in my youth I would ride my bicycle to a guy that had a home FFL and buy ammo and whatnot, and on that same bike I would ride to the state forest with a rifle or shotgun slung across my back peddling through town and no one freaked out. Now it’s hostile territory. It’s baffling to believe that the spark of liberty started in that region, now it’s like the British never left.

      1. What a shame. Can you fix that with a taller front sight post and save the four inches? Probably a Brownells item?

        Love lever guns, though. My ’50’s era smooth as silk Marlin 336 in .30-30 was stolen. I almost cry every time I see one now. New ones are terrible in comparison.

        1. It would be stupid tall if you did. But that’s what it would take.
          Just get the 20″ and enjoy the extra rounds… as there’s not a lot of additional weight. It balances well.

  6. The legislative insanity that is taking place here is making me physically and spiritually ill. With no representation or push-back by Republicans the Socialists are competing only with each other for plum handouts from the Politburo leadership, and that means they have to out-crazy each other.
    I have a gauge and a lever action and a Garand – anybody want to buy an AR or three? Also I got a 9mm Shield for EDC, so the P245 may go up for sale…

  7. I wonder if Ruger could produce a stripper clip loading version of the Mini-14?

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