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AR’s in California

The Bullet Button “Reloaded” – Inventor Offers New (Likely) Compliant Offering

Okay, now I love the “let’s find a work around” problem solving to California’s asinine new laws.  But at some point you just gotta say screw this and just move to a different weapon platform that doesn’t have these compliance issues.   That point for me was at the 2 minute mark of the Bullet Button Reloaded product video.  Disassembling your gun so you can reload… no… Just no.   California doesn’t want you have an AR – Fine.  Sell it to someone in Nevada, Arizona, or Utah.    Or don’t.  Keep it.  Bury it in an oil bath so it’s forever protected from the elements, and then some day when the Liberals all die and you guys can FINALLY vote in someone with both cerebral hemispheres fully functional…. Estimated in the year 2055… Then you can pull that AR-15 out and shoot it like Eugene Stoner intended.

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