Things I’m just done with.

I’m done with some very bad fads that became all too common in the Gun Industry… Things that were heralded as being good or cool or tactical – but really are more of a pain in the ass than a help.
Ramp Sights.  When these came out forever ago, it was really the only step up from the GI rear sights on most 1911’s.  Because they were a cool looking alternative, and provided a good sight picture – they became popular.  They made 1 Hand manipulations a severe handicap, but back then everyone had GI length guide rods so it wasn’t that big of a deal.  But shortly after these came out, full length guide rods became popular as well.  Now, 1 Hand manipulations became more of a problem.  Then this autoloader cancer spread to other guns… Like the CZ-40… and I’ve seen them on a lot of others too… XD’s and M&P’s and other guns that have no place wearing Ramps.  The only gun I have that I don’t mind the Ramp Sight on – my Ruger GP100 Match Champion.  If I need to One Hand Rack the slide on my GP100 – I’m in big trouble.   But on a 1911?  These need to die in a fire.  I’ll never have one on any new auto pistol ever again.  Ever.


Single Point Slings.  These only have a place with Tactical Ted wannabe Operators who have never lived with a rifle in their hands all day long every day.  Sure – they might have a place in some situations.   But most of the time, a good adjustable two point sling will ultimately be a much better, more useful option.   Some slings that can go from Two to One point – fine.  That’s fine.  But I’ve racked my self in the nuts more times than I care to think about… and have had my rifle just be in the way more than it ever should have, simply because I was running a stupidass Single Point Sling.  Two is better than One.  Best things in life come in pairs.  Think about that.


Quad Rails.   The idea of being able to easily attach something to your weapon is a good thing.  But quadrails are the Fax Machines of Firearms.  They need to stay the hell back in the 90’s and let’s just move forward with M-Lok or Key-Mod… I don’t care.   Or even proprietary screw on rail sections… that’s fine.  But Quad Rails just SUCK.  They are heavier than they need to be and they are very uncomfortable and then you add on covers and you just add more weight to them.  They are terrible.  A Picatinny rail across the top is perfect.  But anywhere else and your rifle is just… Faxed Up.   And if you have a free floating handguard that has a rail across the top – Let’s get rid of those fixed front sights.  The Triangle Front Sight on an AR should go the way of the Carry Handle.  And both should go where the Fax Machine needs to go.

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  1. From what I understand, the ramped rear sights were originally designed for competition to make clearing stovepipes easier on the hands. They may provide a better sight picture than “G.I.” sights, but the shooting games are the only place they should be seen. Or, just fix the gun so it doesn’t stovepipe.

    I agree wholeheartedly on 1 point slings. 2 point slings secure the weapon far better and have the added benefit of adding stability from many positions, if you know how to use one. My brother in law learned the hard way what a magazine, attached to a rifle, feels like when it slams into the family jewels. That’s not to say that I haven’t used one, but we were all young and dumb once.

    I wish I could afford to upgrade to a key-mod or similar but, for now, my MOE forend with a small section of rail for my light works just fine.

    1. The most sensible one point sling I’ve seen lately was on a Rossi saddle ring carbine that suffered none of the foolishness so prevalent on the AR class of rifles these days.

      1. Yes… Because the saddle ring was placed where it balanced well, on a gun that was shorter, lighter, and sleeker… It was a perfect solution for that firearm.

  2. Has anyone ever used the rear sight to cycle a slide? Cross reference Mas Ayoobs article “How I shot my way out of Hitler’s all girl slave camp with one hand tied behind my back”
    Geoff Who cannot recall ever loading a pistol one-handed in the last forty years of shooting, mostly 1911s

    1. Just a note Geoff, in training with my Sheriff’s dept., some times the trainer would mention and demonstrate that use of the high rise rear sights to slide cycle as a survival option in wounded arm sernareos…never had to use it in real life but it was a common subject in classes.

    2. Yes. After breaking my arm. That was the only way I could work it. Didn’t have the hand strength to do it otherwise.

      1. I’ve never “had” to run my slide by the sight, but then again I’ve never had to draw my pistol from a holster in a defensive situation. I still practice it none the less, much like drawing support hand.

  3. I will say I’ve also come to realize two point songs are the way to go with one exception. My home defense shotgun is an 870 with a one point sling adaptor mounted between the stock and receiver. My logic is that if I ever need that gun, I’ll throw the one point sling around me, and it’s just there to keep it from getting snatched or knocked out of my hands. In that case it’s more for retention than “slinging” the shotgun. Everything else wears a 2 point sling.

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