Disappointed in the PPS M2



One thing I’ve come to expect from Walther – Excellent Triggers.   The PPQ, P99, PPX, and the original PPS all have triggers that go from Excellent to Fantastic.   The PPQ is well known for being The Best out of the box trigger of any Striker – even better than the VP9.
Now the this gun here… the PPS M2… I was really looking forward to getting my hands on one.  Because I am one of those weird guys that actually liked the original PPS.  So I was hoping that this would be the same gun as the original, but with some ergonomic enhancements.   This is not the case.  This is a completely different gun.  The new PPS looks great.  This is a good looking gun.  And for a Sub-Compact Single Stack – it even feels good.  If you like a Shield, you’ll probably love the PPS M2.
And then I tried the trigger.


It just ruined it for me.  Completely.  Totally turned me off of the gun. It’s not that it’s really “bad” per say… It’s just that its just really so “Not Good”… what makes it worse is that it’s a Walther and you have to contrast it with other Walthers… which makes this one the worst there is.    If this was on a Mid 90’s Ruger, I’d probably love it.  But we’ve all come a very long way since then.

6 thoughts on “Disappointed in the PPS M2”

  1. Hmm, I have to think that for a lot of people that are not into guns and buy this for home defense where it will spend most of its life in a sock drawer, they will not know much and will accept this trigger and live with it. Its only us conosewers that get all butt hurt about this kind of thing…I had some of the worst gun with really really bad triggers issued to me and I live with them for years on the street, qualifying twice a year with them.

    1. Oh you are absolutely right. But I am at that point in my life where I am just not going to deal with things that put me off like this. There are too many other options that are better in areas I find most important…
      This isn’t Venezuela. I have choices.

  2. It’s even worse than the CCP? That’s amazing.

    I disagree that Walther triggers are usually quite good. Sure, the PPQ and PPX are excellent, but the P99 was pretty meh in double action and the CCP was an abomination before Yahweh. If the PPS M2 really not that great as you say that gives Walther a pretty standard batting average in my book.

  3. What exactly do u not like? I just bought one and tho I have yet to get to the range dry firing mine seems as good as my original pps,and better than my glock 43…

  4. Is it possible that Ogre’s sample is defective? I’ve not laid hands on one, so I have no frame of reference. If other samples are the same, then, what a shame. Hope springs eternal that maybe it is just a defective trigger mechanism.

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