I’ve been avoiding talking politics on MadOgre.com lately.  Because I feel that Politics is dirty and talking about it here is like soiling my own bed.
But we’ve had some big news tonight.  Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, effectively making Donald Trump the defacto Republican Nominee.    As much as I am disappointed that Ted Cruz didn’t win – I have to give him the nod for doing the right thing.  Staying in and contesting the whole mess at the convention would have torn the Republican Party to shreds.  Oh, and it does deserve to be shredded like taco bell lettuce… the problem though is that would mean leaving the Democrats/Communists/Progressives unimpeded in doing whatever the hell they want to destroy the USA.
For that reason, we need to support Donald Trump.
Man – I really dislike saying that.  The man is a clown, a bully, a liar, and a swindler…  and a Landlord.  I find him to be despicable.  But at least he is not Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders – who I find even more so.  Those two want to destroy America.  Trump at least wants to make some Money.   We can understand Trump’s motivation.  It’s simple.  Trump is a Capitalist.  Pure and simple.  Clinton is power-mad and obsessed with controlling everything. She’s the wicked witch of New York and would sell our souls to the Soviets to secure more power.  Like she’s pretty much already done.  Sanders wants us to become the new Soviets… Socialists are just Communists that haven’t taken power yet.   Hillary Clinton really does need to be indicted.  Until she is – I can no longer believe that we are a Nation of Laws.  Hillary’s sins are long and grievous.  She’s a cancer on Capital Hill and is the icon of everything wrong with politics.

I know a lot of you guys are all “Never Trump”, and not even now that he’s the Nom.  But think about this.  Judicial Appointments and SCOTUS Nominations.  We’ve already got one Open Seat to fill.  Who do you want to fill it?  Someone Hillary and Bernie nominated?  Or Trump?  We know the sort the Leftists would nominate.  Trump – at least it’s a wildcard… a chance it’s someone not completely disastrous.    Both Hillary and Bernie have sworn to destroy the second amendment – the Keystone of the Constitution.  And they could.  Don’t think it could happen?  Look around the rest of the world.  UK.  Oz.  And others… Oh, you better believe it could happen here too.  Who would have thought that the Trump would be the Nominee?  5 years ago, I’d have laughed in your face – but here we are.

We had hoped we’d get another Ronald Regan.  But most of America didn’t like that he was of Cuban heritage and was born in Canada.  Never mind that he knew and loved the Constitution like no one else save for Mike Lee (R-UT).  Never mind that he fought for the Constitution against the SCOTUS, and against Congress  – and even against his own party.    The only guy out of the whole pack of 16 options, that had such a track record of supporting and fighting for the Constitution… and you let a Game Show Host beat him.   That’s who you want us to put on the world stage.  The Game Show Host… we’re going to put a Game Show Host up against Putin.  A Game Show Host is going to stare down China.   A Game Show Host is going to be the Commander and Chief of our Armed Forces… That’s your choice.

America – you sicken me.

I am done with politics.

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    1. I’m more fore Zombie Richard Dawson, maybe a committee of 25 with very varied political philosophies could gather and hold a seance as to what he would do. That might put the brakes on a continued leftward slide. Barring that, I wish Mike Douglas were still alive. He seemed pretty reasonable, but then he came from the generation where people in the business tried to hide which side they were on so as to not alienate the audience.
      Tom Selleck and Pat Sajak?

  1. Can’t think of a single point I disagree with you on in this post. As you say, 5 years ago the entire notion of a Trump presidency would have been scoffed at by 99% of the population – and with good reason. That said, after the Obama years I have come to realize that pretty much anything is possible.

  2. I was looking at Rand Paul myself, have been for the last five years or so. What kills Paul is foreign relations – – at a time when we have to finish cleaning up the Middle East or deal with ISIS growing in power daily, Paul’s isolationist stance doesn’t make sense.

    I’ve come up with several analogies over the last 6 months to describe the likely November matchup: Trump as The Great and Powerful Humbug of Oz/Hillary as the Wicked Witch; Trump as P.T. Barnum; Trump’s supporters as the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange; and, most recently, Hillary as Nurse Ratched and Trump as Randall McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

    As Maximus Decimus Meridius once shouted, “Are You Not Entertained?”

    1. Clean up the Middle East? Let the nuking of the Saudis commence.

      These monsters aren’t going to destroy themselves.

  3. Mad Ogre.
    I agree with everything you said except the last, “I am done with politics.” If people like you and I don’t do it then Obama/Hillary have lots of people to fill the void. Just like unplugging the commode it’s a dirty job that has to be done. So let’s grit our teeth, roll up our sleeves and get the job done. Putting it off or sticking our head up our a__ wont accomplish anything!

    1. Though, to be sure, there is a difference between unplugging the commode, and gleefully wallowing though the s*** while doing so. Cleaning a dirty mess is not the same as rolling in it.

  4. Personally I’m pretty sure we’re screwed either way. Hillary should already be in Leavenworth and it’s 50/50 Trump is playing the conservative half of the country like a fiddle. He’s done just like Obama and made more promises than Jesus Christ himself could fulfill. May as well get in the fast handbasket!

  5. Two things, Ogre….. We are basically on the same page, except for,
    1. Is there any real difference between Trump and Clinton? Not much, to my mind.
    2. You’re assuming he can beat her in the General election. Everything that’s been held back so he could win the nomination will be on full howl after the convention. She has the press on her side.
    We will see, maybe we’ll get lucky and she strokes out. But we are hosed, no doubt about it.

    1. Coughs herself to death, arrested, Bill torpedoes her… Zombies…
      But really, I do think she’s beatable.

  6. Yay Trump. Knew he could do it. Dont worry to much, he’ll do fine. He may mot be Reagon but in political disposition he’s more like Eisenhower, and I’ll take that.

  7. I like Cruz also, probably made a better POTUS but what was it with that last speech and screaming childish tantrum where he went off the deep end on calling Trump schoolyard names. Sore looser.

  8. People vote for their own image of the candidate. The GOP made Trump the candidate by attacking Cuze and MrT
    Geoff Who thinks Rush is right about this election.

  9. Cruz was the most qualified person to protect and defend the Constitution, including 2A. Period. I was supporting him from day 1. Did all I could, but not enough. Sadly, the public has lost interest in the Constitution and federalism, divided government, separation of powers, and limited delegation from the individual, to the states and finally, in very limited form to the feds. We don’t teach it, and too many don’t even believe it anymore.

    That is all the reason more that we should stay engaged in politics. Yes, I’ll hold my nose and wipe the shit off of my boots after voting for Trump. But the alternative will destroy the federal courts for at least thirty years. We’ll have crony capitalism either way, sadly.

    I fight on under the possibly delusional belief that Trump will possibly appoint more moderate or conservative judges that may be more protective of individual rights. We know that Hillary will not.

    Cruz will live to fight again and it may be sooner than we think. He is only 44 or so and with four more years to develop, he’ll do fine. Even if Trump wins, I don’t see him being even seeking a second term or being able to get the nomination again. The bloom will be off the rose and the evidence of his duplicitous behavior beyond dispute. Yet, I will vote “R” and not “D.” in November. It does matter.

        1. Double yes. Cruz is a smart litigator and knowledgeable Constitutional scholar. He would be a great full for Scalia’s seat. I’m not a huge Trump fan, but if Cruz losing leads to him on the high court for decades… It may be the better outcome for the Republic.

          Gun owners need to rally behind Trump. It’s no longer hypothetical or hyperbole – the future of the Second Amendment rides on this election. And gun owners could carry the election for him.

      1. Dittos! If nothing else his slow talk will slow things down. Geoff Who also notes it clears the deck for Trump’s reelection.

  10. Game Show Host? More like Professor Harold Hill (as drawn by Gahan Wilson, maybe). The thing about Prof. Hill is that in conning the people of River City, he used their fears to get them to do something constructive for themselves.

    As chief executive (since he knows jack about policy and implementation), Trump will need really knowledgeable, motivated staff. Any volunteers? Suggestions?

  11. If you want Cruz…you will have to elect Trump first. Someone has to clear the brush. I respect Cruz but he is a generation too late given the ongoing slide in culture and “transformative” demographics.

  12. Clinton is eminently beatable, but it isn’t going to be by trump.

    Half of us hate his guts, add that to everyone on the other team and he’s done.

  13. I am not a Trump fan, but who ever becomes the next POTUS will
    be filling the SCOTUS with several judges. I hope that is neither Hillary or Bernie.

  14. There are very few things that I hate more than politicians…and right now I’m struggling to think of something. Just about every election is trying to pick the lesser of the evils because it’s not a question of getting screwed, it’s the degree of getting screwed. Now the single, only thing that has renewed my faith in this country is that the highest office in our country is being challenged by a “regular” person. I really wish that more non-politicians would run for public offices and help take back our country from the greedy career politicians who do more for big business than their own people.

  15. Trump is the price of GOP Establishment hubris. Lucy van Pelt pulled the ball away from Charlie Brown one too many times.

    The only good thing about all this is watching Trump savage Hillary for the next 6 months or so.

    I need moar popcorn …

  16. I hope Trump wins, at least that will put the media back to work digging up dirt and writing non-adulatory stories. if not anyone else with his protectionist policies.

    “Dissent is Patriotic Again, Boys!”
    After the “Democrats for John Frum” bumper sticker to compete with the “Republicans for Voldermort” one, that will be my next one.

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