PSA’s KS-47 has impressed me.


Normally I’m ambivalent to Palmetto State Armory.   I know who they are and what they are about and I’ve just never really been impressed with them.  That changed today.   Take a look at the KS-47 Hybrid.  It’s an AR that is chambered for 7.62x39mm and runs AK type mags.  20160415_114105

Yes, this is something that’s been done before.  But this is now something that is done well.  And it’s from PSA.  This is coming from PSA for about 850 Retail, with free-floating keymod handguards, a wide mag release that can be used with your trigger finger, right or left handed, or you can to the AK Mag Snap move.   20160415_114118

You can swap the furniture out with any common AR swag you want.  I’d put an Ergo grip on it and a Battlelink minimalist stock.  A set of Magpul Pro sights… and a Battlecomp muzzle break.   Done.
This gun is well made.  Tight fitting between the upper and lower, and it’s well thought out.  The parts are all fit well.  Nothing is sloppy and nothing feels cheap or poorly done.  It’s solid.  It’s a solid rifle.
I’m truly impressed.
PSA – You done well.
I am strongly considering trading something in on this.  No, I’ve not shot it.  It’s a new gun and we don’t shoot new guns at the store.   But I really want to.   Really bad.  I could trade something for this.  I really could.   Maybe I will.

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    1. I like this one much better than the Mutant. It feels more solid and that it would be more precise. But I’ve yet to test that.

    1. Retails for about 850. MSRP is a Grand.
      It’s priced very square. I don’t really say that often. Because I don’t believe it happens much.

  1. So if I am understanding this, this rifle is essentially a $1000 AR which shoots 7.62×39 and has none of the AK engineering or reasons (i.e.: loose tolerances, extreme reliability and tank build toughness)? Kind of defeats the purpose of the AK don’t it? Or am I missing something, again….It is purdy.

    1. Yes. The boat. You missed the boat on this. This allows an AR Guy to fire a heavier ammunition at a cost that is same or lower as 5.56mm. A round that fires a bigger, heavier bullet with better barrier penetration. A round that would allow you to hunt in states that have caliber restrictions… with a platform that is familiar to most rifle shooters these days, the AR. And unlike the AK, the AR platform is very good with Optics. The AK, just isn’t a good optics platform. And like I said before – retail is about 850. So it’s on par with most decent AR’s and AK’s, so take the Price thing right out. Yes, there have been some AR’s that fire the same round using jury rigged mags, but those do not work well. This allows AK mags, native to the cartridge for better reliability. And the mag release is better than most AK’s. And it has a Last Round Bolt Hold Open feature, which is nice. And with the free floating barrel, it’s going to have great accuracy. So for the guy that wants to fire 7.62x39mm, it’s the best of both worlds.
      I really and truly do like it. Much investigation is going to go into this… as I am extremely tempted to buy it.

  2. The thing that most appeals to me about an x39 AR is that its going to be substantially easier and more effective to suppress than an AK without as many worries about bore concentricity.

  3. Looks good, but i looked on their web site and ot does not say what the total lenght of pull is on the stock when fully extended. I don’t really like the usual collapsable stocks becuase they are to short and give me an uncomfortable feeling across my back while shooting. The only collapsable stock I like is the one one the ruger sr762. Do you have an info/ideas on this?

      1. I want a folder that can be configured to fold to whichever side I prefer, and fired while folded… 8^)

  4. I’m curious to know whether this has a larger bolt like the Mutant, or if it uses the “standard” 7.62×39 AR bolt?

    I guess if a guy is heavily invested in the AR platform in terms of training I can see some of the appeal in this, though I would personally prefer an AK because that’s what I am used to. And the comment about AKs not being optics friendly was true to some extent 10 or more years ago, but there are plenty of good optics mounts for the AK these days. They also suppress fine if you are willing to go to the trouble of getting one properly threaded as I have with a couple of mine, just don’t expect any miracles unless you are willing to modify the gas system so that it isn’t as overgassed as most of them are. But putting a can onto my 16″ .308 Saiga really tamed it, and made it much more pleasant to shoot.

    1. +1 Netpackrat and all on a $500 AK that is built like a tank. Sorry Og still don’t see it Looks like most parts for fixing something are going to be proprietary from this company instead of the millions of low cost AK parts (if one ever breaks) for this rifle. The most I can see is it replicates the AR platform so training and use stay the same for a lot of people. Still its still purdy.

      1. Except the $500 AK is getting to be a thing of the past, as well, due to the barrel ban. That’s not entirely bad… The proliferation of US made AK barrels allows for some neat options… Like my 12.6″ SBR that’s built on AMD-65 parts with a “modular” rear trunnion, and what started as a 16″ 4150 “nitride” barrel, shortened to AMD-65 length, and lathe threaded with suppressor quality threads. It’s still a work in progress, but it takes a can just fine, and showed sufficient accuracy when benched with Lapua ammo, that I’m going to invest in a decent optic for it. Hoping to have it done in time for a class at the end of July.

      2. Everything is Mil-Spec on the upper and lower except for KS47 lower itself. You can purchase a stripped KS47 lower from PSA & spec it out with as much as you can afford to put in it. OR you can stick with Mil-Spec lower parts kit. According to customer service @ PSA the upper will fit right onto a Mil-Spec AR15 Lower receiver. Just use ASC or C-products 7.62×39 AR Mags & you would have a AR47.

    2. To sum your comment up to get an AK up to AR level of standard modularity you need modification….um more modification……and um more modification, so let’s keep in mind your $500 AK is now no longer a $500 AK. $100-150 for a GOOD AK mounting system. Since your standard $500 AK doesn’t come with a way to attach that rail you need one installed which is going to take some gunsmithing. So stepping back and looking at the big picture you could possibly be spending another $500 (if you can’t Smith it yourself) to get a $500 AK up to AR standard of modularity. Not to mention your standard $500 AK is generally not as accurate as your AR. Example a test was done with an Arsenal SGL and a CMMG Mutant and the Mutant was found to be more accurate. Your Arsenal AK is no $500 AK. So this type of system being talked about has much more advantage and possibility over an AK. There is a reason AK’s are moving to an AR like style…..because it is a superior system.

  5. I am wondering how many parts on this rifle are specific to it (i.e. proprietary) and how many are AR mil spec…….

  6. 7.62×39 AR platform has been around for a long time. The biggest differentiator I see is the fact the lower can accept standard AK magazines. I’m not sure that’s a big enough reason to jump to this. Especially since 7.62×39 AR mags work absolutely fine & allows the lower to be used on multi cal as intended whereas this one is strictly limited to 7.62×39. Kind of like a dedicated 9mm AR lower if you ask me at a very premium price tag…

    1. I built a BRS47 similar to the ks47. I have 2 uppers 7.62×39, and 5.56 I may build more uppers for it in the future in different calibers.

  7. The only proprietary parts are the modified BCG and the upper/ lower. All other parts are standard 7.62×39 AR parts. The upper will work on any milspec AR lower if you want to use AR 7.62×39 mags.

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