I’m going to have to swing back to SIG after today.

I don’t know why I left SIG in the first place.  Pretty much I left SIG for Glock because sometimes I go into Retard Mode or something.   I should never have left.  I love SIG’s and I love .45’s and flirting with smaller guns that don’t even have hammers – a mistake I shall never make again.

We’ve had this lightly used SIG 227 sitting in the gun counter for about 6 months now… I had 15 rounds of .45 Auto PMC Bronze on my desk for about that same period of time.
Well, today I put them to work.  HOLY CRAP!  The 227 is absolutely one of the nicest shooting .45’s I’ve ever fired.   It’s smooth, super soft recoil, and dang is it accurate.   That is 15 rounds at 25 feet.  No… seriously… 15 rounds.  I put 10 rounds in the mag, ran the target to 25 feet, fired 10 rounds, reloaded with the last 5, fired them and brought the target back in.  HOLE-LEE-CRAP.
I’m an okay shot – but not this good!  That’s the GUN.  The only other gun that’s on par with this is the CZ 97B… or $1800+ 1911’s.

This made me just fall in love with SIG’s all over again.  So much…  There’s a used SIG 220 Carry that I’ve been very tempted about.  This might be pushing me over the edge.

10 thoughts on “I’m going to have to swing back to SIG after today.”

  1. I was late to the SIG party. I didn’t like the high bore line. But when I converted, I had a P239, P245 and a P220 marked ‘made in W. Germany.
    Also had a P226, in 40 S&W for a short while. Traded her for a debt.
    ALL tack drivers!
    Sadly, the P220 was stolen. My ex-gf was gifted the P239 and P245, so I still get to visit them once-in-a-while (she’s now my friend and landlady!)
    I miss them all!

    1. It was a trip and stumble, but not so much a faceplant. They fixed things quickly. They remain top notch.

  2. I too came late to the SIG party but have embraced the P 250 in .40 S&W and .357 Sig. I have everything from sub -compact to full sized and they are all boringly accurate when allowances are made for the short sight radius on the little ones. The DAO trigger pull had a learning curve but they remind me of nothing so much as high capacity revolvers. I have yet to have a malfunction with either trigger group regardless of the configuration. The magazines have been completely bulletproof in terms of reliability. Two thumbs way up for SIG .

  3. I always wanted to try sig out, and for a while i was saving up for a p225 but we had a nasty winter and the propane bill ate that money up pretty quick. Now those are no longer available, as i see it the big problems with sigs is the price and magazine availability. you can find 1911, glock, and m and p mags at gun shops easily sigs not so much.

  4. Never could get into the Sigs, too large for the most part and too high a bore line to be comfortable for me, except for the .380…had two a 9 and a 45 didn’t keep them long.

  5. Before you switch to carrying Sigs, are you still carrying wheel guns religiously these days?

    I need to get a Sig one of these days. The question is which model?

    1. 5 out of 7 days a week, yes.
      For me, my choice of SIGs:
      220 Compact or Carry
      245 (A 220 Compact)
      M-11 (A current production 228)
      All would be in either .45 or 9mm respectively. Maybe a 229 in .357 SIG. I’m kinda done with .40 cal.

  6. A P239 in .40 in 1998 was my first center fire semi. Seven years later I added my second center-fire semi – a P232. Still have both, and both still shoot flawlessly. Though I’m not a fan of the “dot the i” sights on the 239, it’s not enough of a problem that I’ve bothered to change out the rear sight.

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