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I really wish SIG had an M-11 Legion edition.  I’ve been thinking about SIG’s more and more lately.   I sold a P229R the other day and it’s just reminded more and more how much I enjoyed shooting my 229R and how much of a mistake it was selling it.
I admit to be very smitten with the M-11 pistol  (P228) and that itch to get one is getting very… itchy.  The new 229 pistols and the M-11 are the same pistol, the M-11 just doesn’t have the frame rails.
The enhancements on the new Legion series – I really dig.  And quite frankly, I need.  I love the color of the finish, and grips are just cool.  The extra checkering, yes, I’m a fan of it.  But most importantly is the big bright front sight post.
I need that.M11-A1-D-LARGE

Any SIG 22X pistol (Any SIG model that starts with 22) is a Shooter’s Pistol.  They are exceptionally accurate and reliable, hammer fired and made of metal, the way I like it.  The double action pull on most any SIG 22X is very good.  Not too heavy, not too long for DA’s.  It’s good.  But what’s even better is the SA pull.  In Single Action mode -maybe I’m just used to them – the trigger is divine.  And the stability of any of the SIG 22X guns is incredible.  They handle the recoil, with no drama.  Sure, there’s a bit more muzzle rise during recoil than say a Glock thanks to bore axis… But the SIG’s come back on target perfectly.  And no matter what trigger package I put in a Glock, I can get better accuracy out of the SIG’s.
And I like the fact that the hammer is set up in the Rebounding configuration so manual safeties are not a bother.  You don’t need them.  Just take your finger off the trigger and/or decock… the weapon is perfectly safe.  It’s probably the only semi-auto pistol that I’d feel perfectly comfortable packing Appendix.   I trust the SIG safety more than any other semi-auto pistol out there.  I just do.

There’s a thing there… that word.  Trust.   I trust SIG.  I trust several gun brands… but SIG is probably at the very top of that list.

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  1. They are nice indeed. Talk about pride of ownership too. Maybe in a couple years for me; after a bunch of overtime and when the 220 comes out.

  2. That right there is every change I’d have made to my now-departed P228 if I’d had the $$$. So of course I’m broker than George when this hits the market.

  3. My department tested Sig 1911 pistols for duty carry. Lets just say that after testing we declined….

  4. I have a 220 I bought when I lived in Virginia. It was a trade in pistol from one of the County Police Departments in the Greater Richmond area. It is a shear joy to shoot. Single action is butter smooth and double action is crisp. My 239 doesn’t get as much carry, but it handles .40 S&W very well and is a tack driver as long as I do my part.

  5. I have never had the pleasure of experiencing one of the classic line of Sigs. I do enjoy a good DA/SA, though. I’m a disciple of the Beretta 92. There have been dalliances here and there with Glock and M&P, but I always come back home to Beretta. The current light of my life is a Bruniton 92 compact. On the Sigs, though, I will say that I am currently feeling a strong sense of attraction towards the P227. I like the idea of the 45ACP for the winter months, and the P227 is more attractive at this point than the PX4 in 45.

  6. A Sig is probably the only pistol that I would take from the dealer’s counter to a gunfight; and be confident that it would perform as it should.


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