Magpul’s Shotgun Stock on a Mossy 500


Mossberg’s model 500 shotgun is a very simple little beast.  The one I picked up was rather lacking in that it was a Pistol Grip Only shotgun.  I was going to do something else with it, but decided to sandbag that and go a different round.  So I needed a stock for it.  After some consideration I decided to give the Magpul stock a shot, and I am really glad I did.  I almost always throw on a Butler Creek folding stock, but wanting “different” this time really paid off.
The location of the safety switch on the Mossy shotguns is on top and at the rear of the receiver.  Which makes it’s position perfect for this stock.   It’s awesome if shot from either shoulder.   If you have a Mossberg – this is the stock you need.
The grip angle looks exaggerated, but actually feels very comfortable, and the length of pull is adjustable by adding or removing the spacers.  It comes with no spacers in, making it too short for me.  So adding 2 puts it just right.  For me.  You might be different.

6 thoughts on “Magpul’s Shotgun Stock on a Mossy 500”

  1. That’s basicly my home howitzer, but factory stock, no barrel shroud + an elastic ammo butt cuff. Any opinions on those after market heat shields? Plus, my 18″ barrel takes screw-in choke tubes.

    1. This one is factory. I just left it on.
      Really, it’s not worth spending money on an aftermarket thing… They really don’t do anything.

  2. The barrel being threaded for chokes is really handy. Play around with some choke tubes and find one that holds all nine pellets of your favorite 00 buckshot inside the head of a silhouette target at about 15 yards.

  3. Had some fun with it, going to turkey shoots in the area w/ an “Extra full” tube screwed in. Jaws dropped when my son won 10 lbs. of bacon with a “riot gun”. Only thing we were giving up was sight radius.

    1. I do like that Hogue forend. If I change from the stock Mossy tactical forend, I’d probably go with the Hogue as well.

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