Hillary Clinton’s Testimony

clinton_wide_eyed_afpBecause I was in traffic much of the day that Hillary Clinton was testifying before the Benghazi Hearings… I was able to hear much of it.  First off, to give credit where credit is due – Hillary Clinton answered those questions impressively well.  She delivered her message clearly and strongly.   She’s a MASTERFUL politician.
And that’s why she is so utterly dangerous.  She was smooth and almost effortless in how she lied and misdirected.  It was an impressive performance.  I came away with a couple of things.  1.  Hillary is very good at what she does.  2.  There is no way on Earth I could trust her… not even telling the time of day.

Listening to the Talking Heads dissect her testimony has been almost as entertaining… they act so proud that they caught her in lies.  If they had listened to the questions and how Hillary either didn’t actually answer the question and misdirected, or just outright lied… they would have been able to instantly tell that she was completely full of it.  Her lips were moving.

9 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Testimony”

  1. She did take something like 3 days off campaigning practicing for her testimony so she was well prepared for any question that would be thrown at her. she is so well coached that she can say ANYTHING with a smile on her face and she just exudes confidence. She is a master manipulator, nothing more.

  2. The important question though, is when will she be tried, convicted and sent to prison for all her crimes? Benghawzi, the illegal e-mail server, Vince Foster’s “suicide” where his body was obviously moved. Those two are a crime family unto themselves that puts the Mafia to shame as a bunch of amateurs.

        1. And the Mafia is more honest. You may disapprove of what they do, but they are duplicitous like the Clintons. The latter is far more dangerous.

        2. The Mafia might break the law – but they do follow their own rules. Unlike Cartels and ISIS and the Clintons. They have their own Code. And generally everyone around then are safe and fine, unless you give the Mafia a reason to get angry. Unlike the Cartels, ISIS, and the Clintons.

  3. A friend pointed this out. Everytime she tries to be sincere/ convincing, her eyes bug out. It is like she is constipated and the strain is causing her eyes to bug!

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