20151005_142305The XD MOD.2 Service.  A new XD I could actually own.

This is the best rework of the XD series Springfield has.  I like this better than the XDM.  The new MOD.2 is shaped right.  It fills the hand without being too large and is just grippy enough to be be grippy without being abrasive.  The regular XD’s and XDM’s feel slick in my hands… .and for that reason I just don’t take to them.   20151005_142251Had this been the design back before I got my Glock 23 – I think I could have been very likely to have selected one of these.  Now look at the Slide and Frame contours… You know what?  The XD isn’t ugly anymore.  It’s grown into quite the handsome figure.  I like the slide serrations.  They did a great job.
There’s just one problem.
20151005_142243“GRIP ZONE”?  Seriously?  Where’s the “SLIDE ZONE” markings?  Captain Obvious needs to stay out of the Design Room at Springfield and maybe take a holiday to eastern Syria.  GRIP ZONE… Who approved that?  Who did that?  Who is responsible for GRIP ZONE?  If you know who that guy is… Mark his face with a Sharpie “SLAP ZONE”.  Please.
Other than that… Home Run, Springfield.  Home Run!  I’ll be waiting for and 3.8 Compact Mod.2 in the XDM series…  But this is tempting. as it is.  Very well done, Springfield… Bravo!



7 thoughts on “XD MOD.2 SERVICE”

  1. I handled a Subcompact Mod.2 at a gun show a while back. I was amazed at how good the gun felt in my hand and how well it balanced. If I hadn’t bought my RO Compact a few months before, I probably would have picked it up for a CCW piece.

    IMO, Springfield is on a roll… but they need to get over their thing for fiber optic front sights. Swap them out for Tritirum, or even a white dot, and then they’ll be pretty near perfect.

  2. The “Grip Zone” cries out for stippling…not necessarily for functionality, just to make the gun less embarrassing to be seen with in polite company, by obliterating the words, “Grip Zone”…

  3. Maybe they can go full retard with it. “Ammunition zone” on the magazines. Ejection zone. Trigger zone. Big arrow labeled “towards enemy.” Put some fine print on the end of the slide saying, “if you can read this, you’re being unsafe.” Do some stretched lettering like you see on the street on top of the slide with an arrow pointing at the front sight: “look at this.”

    If they’re going to go there, they should just dive right in an /own/ the foolishness…

  4. Ill wait a year, hopefully they do away with the zone bs.

    I have a 45 compact from 2006. Ill keep rocking that forever if they insist and lame text all over

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