The DurP-12

No thanks. A 10 Pound Shotgun, with a Safety that can’t go back on if only one barrel is fired, and has two barrels regulated like Marty Feldman’s eye balls. Maybe it’s well made, like LV says. But maybe it’s not well made enough and needs a little more Well Made to get it right. Even if it was flawless… 10 pounds. It’s also huge and bulky and I don’t see the need for a double barrel pump. This is less Serious Use Shotgun and more Novelty “because we can” Shotgun.

I’d rather have a KSG than this. Heck, I’d rather have a UTAS UTS-12 than this. And of course, I’d rather have a good old 870 than this.

This Speed test. Firing only enough rounds to make it look like it has a serious advantage over the 870? Laughable. Instead of testing which shoots X # rounds faster – so the Durp-12 doesn’t have to reload – how about a test where the Guns are fired until empty, fully reloaded and fired again. Let’s see that test. Because the number of rounds in the gun is only temporary. All guns will run dry.

And those Angled shots?   Not much of an angle from the looks of it.  Slightly up and slightly down?  Not much of a test.  Larry Vicker’s “Tests” seem to lose credibility every time.  

His camera crew though, freaking bananas on those slow mo’s. But it’s almost becoming too much. They are over doing it. And no matter how cool it looks – LV doesn’t need to talk so much giving a SITREP for every new shooting position… judas priest the man talks too much!  He’s going to give Nutinfancy a run for his mouth money. Maybe Nutinfancy needs to do more Slow-Mo. Anyways, back to the Durp-12…

You can aim POA-POI on one barrel and then you have to hold completely different for the other barrel at 100 yards. That’s a fail. It just is. ESPECIALLY since you can’t put the weapon on safe with just 1 barrel fired. FAIL FAIL FAIL! That’s just unsafe.
No… I don’t like the Durp-12. LV can keep it.

15 thoughts on “The DurP-12”

  1. Remember how many time you’ve pulled the trigger before moving the slide or trying to get the safety to work.
    It’s really heavy.
    Wow it can mount a sight. A quick internet search tells me I can get optics and mounts for a Remington 870 as well.

    Could this be the SPAS12 for the 21st century?

  2. I’ll stick with my Benelli M4 for shotgun duty, this thing looks like nothing more than a failed gimmick.

  3. I hate to say it, but Larry Vickers seems to be turning into a less-smug, not-quite-as-full-of-himself Nutnfancy. He seems to be getting less and less credible with each video. Which is too bad, because his earlier stuff, especially pre-slow-mo, was really high quality.

  4. Well I always give manufactures props when they try to push the technological envelope… even when it doesn’t work out. But honestly… who thought THIS one was that good of an idea?

  5. You forgot that it has a QR code on the stock. Having a QR code makes it more betterer, instantly giving +2 damage.

    Because everything in the world must somehow be “smartphone compatible.” I’m waiting for silverware to start coming with QR codes on the handles…

  6. “So if you’re gonna set it up for the Mrs…” lol

    Yeah, because the first thing I want to setup for my 5’3″ (in heels) wife is an overcomplicated 12 gauge that weighs 10 pounds and can’t be put on safe.

    I think I’ll pass.

  7. Nutnfancy sure does love him some talking. I take issue with one thing in your post. “All guns run dry”. Yeah, at the range. Don’t dismiss a 16 round capacity. If your defensive scenario requires more than 16 rounds of 12 gauge, you’d better hope Delta Force is on the way. I’d be willing to bet a large sum of money that no one has ever failed defending their home because they needed more than 16 rounds from their shotgun. Just my thoughts.

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