The Kriss Vector

I have an irrational hatred of this gun.


Yes, I hate this gun, and I know it’s irrational.  It’s a fine gun… shoots well enough and from my experience is reliable and easy to make accurate hits with.   But I still hate it.  Let me tell you why.

First time I really examined one was at Crusader Weaponry’s old Utah facility.  Gundoc had one in for some custom work.  He had it broken down to the smallest of pins, every single piece was disassembled from every other piece.   In this state, I concluded from my observation that the Vector is a complicated firearm.  I didn’t really favor it for that reason… I’m an Ogre and I prefer more robust, simpler designs.  It’s not that it befuddles me or that I don’t understand the function of all the tiny bits… It’s just too complicated for my comfort.

20150708_133931Some time later, while I was still at Basin Sports, a customer ordered one in.   On the day he came to pick it up and take it home, this proud Vector Papa asked me my opinion of it.   I said basically what I just said here.  “They seem to be fine guns, but they are too complicated for my personal tastes.”

Well, the sad customer actually went and cried about that to my Boss.  Said he was so angry he wanted to jump over the counter and physically assault me. Which would have been very entertaining for about the 1.5 seconds before I broke his face and one of his arms.   Trust me, that would have happened.  You know how a Lion looks all tired and slow, yet can totally fuck up a whole pack of hyenas all the sudden when the situation requires?   Still…  this man’s Pee-Pee was so deep into that Vector that his feelings were ravaged by my comment that the gun was “Complicated“.

rip-taylor-6I was actually reprimanded about this.  Me giving my opinions to customers… Even when directly asked… My opinion was a Basin Sports Hot Topic while I was there. Even though EVERYONE ELSE behind the Gun Counter always toss out their opinions like Rip Taylor tosses Confetti… and Salads, I was to keep my opinion in check. I actually had to apologize to the customer – for giving him the opinion that he asked for.  Unreal. “I’m sorry I said your gun was complicated.  I should have used smaller words.”  Evidently my opinion causes violent reactions in those who have never lived outside of Vernal, Utah.   This was also the moment when I realized that I needed to live outside of Vernal, Utah.  Hence my response to people who asked why I moved.  “It’s complicated.”

20150708_134052I’ve just never really cared for the Vector since that time.  I’ve shot them several times since then.   Never had a problem.  But for the life of me – I still just can’t get over my irrationally hard feelings against the Vector.

See, this is the problem.  I want to like this gun.  I like the fact that it’s a new design that came from not just thinking outside of the box… but inventing a whole new box to think in.  That makes it cool.

10 thoughts on “The Kriss Vector”

  1. IMO, the Vector is an interesting concept and design, but one that becomes completely pointless once it’s been “civilized” to comply with the NFA. Too big and awkward to be a pistol, no advantage over “conventional” pistol caliber carbines, and if you’re not shooting full-auto, why care about recoil mitigation to begin with?

    Oh, and if the people in Vernal pissed you off, don’t ever visit Phiadelphia. Ever. Especially not the suburb called the Main Line. Your blood pressure will thank you. Trust me on that.

      1. It’s a beautiful city, obviously with a hell of a lot of history. Textbook definition of “nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there,” same as California.

        When you do go, the best freakin’ cheesesteaks in the city is Carmen’s Famous Hoagies & Cheesesteaks in Reading Terminal Market. Forget Pat’s and Geno’s, they’re way overhyped and overrated.

  2. Fully agree on Philly, and that the Vector makes no sense without the folding stock and fun switch, IMO. PDW, yes. Pistol, no.
    Ahh, yes. Philadelphia, the only municipal police dept. To call in a tactical air strike in a barricade situation. (The Move standoff, check it out, highly entertaining)

  3. I’ve shot an early generation Vector and it was a struggle to fire off a magazine without multiple malfunctions, from what I’ve heard the current guns run much better. I did find it very comfortable & controllable to shoot, but I didn’t really care for the design.

    I was always amazed by some people who NEED to be reassured by others for their purchases to make them feel better. I never felt comfortable telling a customer the merits of a Taurus Judge and how awesome it is…I couldn’t do it with a straight face. That was about the time that I was put in the back full time away from the customers and that way I couldn’t run anyone off by my opinions.

  4. I guess I just never understood why you’d ask someone’s opinion of something and then get all butt-hurt when they give it to you.

    ( shrug )

  5. Ogre’s customer said everything you need to know about what American society has become.
    Buy expensive, useless items.
    Be a pussy.

  6. It doesn’t help that it is butt ugly. I know that does not matter in a tactical/combat weapon. But, if you set out to design something as aesthetically unpleasing as possible, you’d be hard pressed to make it worse.

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